"Access to Justice: Impossible"

"Access to Justice: Impossible"

"Access to Justice" - impossible in the UK. Support "Access to Justice" in family cases, court of protection, judicial review & fraud cases.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I aim to make Access to Justice possible for ALL!   Therefore, I am defining this problem to be solved as - Access to Justice: Impossible.  

I also run the 'Divorce and the City' in London. Check out my website at www.divorceandthecity.co.uk.

 In England and Wales, Access to Justice exists only in theory!  In practice, it is a whole different ball game. 

The story so far...

Access to Justice is actually a slogan introduced by those who want YOU to believe that YOU, a resident or citizen with trust in the English law and the Justice System who cannot afford to privately pay for legal advice, can have the same access and privileges in obtaining quality legal advice as anyone else who pays privately for it.  

Those who claim that Access to Justice exists in practice and it is helpful to the public are no other but those:

  • individuals with an agenda to profit from it;
  • Judges who talk the talk but then deny YOU justice in their own court (and/or influence other judges) for the benefit of one party who is more influential;
  • solicitors/barristers who are skilled in making grand statements and promises but deliver nothing;
  • charities who are seeking funds only to keep their status active and their jobs; and
  • individuals who are naive enough to believe others without seeking any proof and or evidence if Access to Justice really exists in practice, if it works and if it actually means what it says on the tin. 

In May of every year the legal community, Judges and other supporters connected to them are throwing a festival street party to raise funds for Access to Justice, - the slogan, remember? It gives them the opportunity to socialise, network and gossip.  

In theory, a festival to raise money for Access to Justice is a good idea. It is presented in a humorous manner with clowns, people dressed as police officers walking on stilts, jugglers and in a very carnival and festival atmosphere.  It is presented as a jolly occasion to support those desperate for free legal support and advice.

Follow the money!

In practice, the festival raises funds for charities (with some legal field focus) which can sign up for the event to get their hands on the raised funds. These charities are not scrutinised for their purpose and how they actually will use the raised funds. There is also no criteria how these charities are selected to obtain funds. Charities register and apply for funding from these festivities which take place every year. 

If YOU are to contact these charities who benefit from the funds raised at the festival for Access to Justice, you will find that none of them deal with complex matters such as family cases, court of protection cases, children matters cases, fraud in the family courts and judicial review in family matters (actions against the failure of a public authority to investigate the corruption and misuse of public office by a judge).

For example, 

- if you are to telephone the charities, most of these registered charities have no person to answer the phone. They either have the wrong number listed, have no phone number listed at all or you have to leave a message. By leaving a message you will become part of their statistics that you made contact with them and you called them with a problem. They will be able to put forward evidence how many people contacted them so that they can obtain future funds from such Access to Justice events.

- if you leave a message, it is not necessary that anyone calls you back and discusses anything with you. You are just a number.  You contributed to their statistics. Their salary is paid from donations.

- if you attend at their legal centre with a complex problem, you will be getting the brush off that they don't have enough staff or they don't have specialised solicitors/barristers for your legal matter. Your matter remains unresolved.  

- if you are lucky to be assigned a barrister to represent you in court, you will find that the barrister will spend one hour before the hearing to read your case and meet with you. Your barrister will make apologies before the Judge that there was insufficient time to read the case (blame it on the instructing solicitor/charity or files having been misplaced) and will very basically put the case to the Judge causing nonetheless confusion and in the end dismissal of your case.   These barristers will most likely be young, inexperienced and or careless as they have no great financial benefit from working on your case.  

- if you raise the issue of a Judicial failure to act independently and in good faith, you reach a dead end as no one wants to fall out of favourism with the Judges. 

What can happen if you cannot get Access to Justice?

You may stand to lose your assets, good name, may be ridiculed by Judges in their Judgments, shamed in the press, could lose your job, may affect your prospects of employment, and change your life forever. You become frustrated that you have no one to talk to from the charities, you cannot get the proper legal representation and you don't know how to access the much talked about and celebrated - Access to Justice. 

What I am proposing?

I aim to introduce to the public the true facts about the existing Access to Justice.As it stands now in our society, it is impossible for any decent and honest person to claim that Access to Justice works in practice in England and Wales.  

I have been investigating this problem for the past 8 years. I concluded, based on actual facts and findings, that in England and Wales Access to Justiceis an extraordinarily big problem and is misleading many people like YOU.  It makes the disadvantaged become poorer and the well-connected richer! 

What have I accomplished so far?

I have already been successful for the past 8 years into bringing changes within the Judicial System. There is no better person in England and Wales who truly understands how the Judiciaries and the Justice System work and what changes are immediately needed to help the public, YOU!   

I forced Lord Dyson into early retirement following his unlawful actions and behaviour whilst in office and his unlawful campaign and interference with Access to Justice in connection to a case which is changing how Judiciaries are behaving and how they are appointed, and how the Justice System operates.   He eganged in frustrating a particular famous case (which cannot be named following the secrecy imposed by the court until the case returns to the court) now carring a liability of £50 million on the new Government, misled the public with his actions and wrong Judgments issued by other Judges. 

Lord Dyson is the recently retired Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice - the second most senior judge in England and Wales, former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and listed under Patron and Champions for the London Legal Support Trust - the organisers of the festivities to donate money to charities who are failing YOU, the public.

A number of Judges have been investigated and are under impeachment for their role in the corruption and misuse of public office.  NO wonder Access to Justice is so difficult to obtain in England and Wales. 

To name a few such Judges on whom there is clear evidence against them:  Lord Wilson, Lady Justice Eleanor King, Lord Justice McFarlane, Lord Justice Ryder, Lady Justice Macur, Lord Justice Sales, Mrs Justice McGowan, Mr Justice Parkes QC and others who are still undergoing investigation. 

Other Judges and Lord Justices who have supported the above and are simply followers and cannot think independently will be named separately. 

What does your money do?

It will raise awareness of the lack of and impracticality of the existing so called Access to Justice by having leaflets and banners created, develop an interactive website for the public to find information on how to actually access justice in England and Wales for their specific legal case, develop marketing and social events throughout England and Wales to properly put into practice a working platform for Access to Justice and give a voice to those solicitors/barristers and others who are aware of this problem and who are willing to contribute to making the necessary changes.   There will be no further need for solicitors and barristers to seek favours from those Judges who oppose Access to Justice and force a case to enter endless litigation. 

All funds raised will be used strictly for the costs of the project.  Full transparency will be provided for all donations made to the project - Access to Justice: Impossible

A registered charity will evolve which will NOT be controlled by any of the Judges, Politicians, Public Servants, and/or Legal Professionals under the influence of the Judges/Politicians. The charity will be controlled by YOU - the public - with public funds only. 

Why your contribution is needed?

If you were ever disappointed by LEGAL AID and other charities (such as legal centres and Citizens Advice Bureau included among others) which were not able to help you in the most difficult times due to NO funding, NO qualified solicitors to help, DELAYS for appointments and INABILITY to cover the specific area of the law, then please became the backbone for this project and donate. 

Your life and or the life of those you know may be in the hands of how Access to Justiceis made possible. 

Support Accessto Justice: Impossible to convey the correct message to the public for what the slogan Access to Justicereally stands for and what immediate changes are required to make Access to Justice work for YOU, the public!  

Accessing justice must be available to ALL, anytime and anyplace. It must not be offered through uncontrolled and unchecked charities which exist only to provide a social platform for obtaining donations, pay for their running costs, provide a false sense of delivering legal support and please those donors who will deny YOU justice in the end as you don't have the powerful and brilliant expensive legal representation behind you.

Access to Justice: Impossible can develop its projects only with your support!

Make a difference to your community for YOUR future and those YOU care about!

Make Access to Justice possible for ALL!