Make a difference together

by Togetherinlife in United Kingdom

Make a difference together
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My Aim is to raise funds to enable me to launch a mental health awareness and education campaign

by Togetherinlife in United Kingdom

I have a fantastic well-rounded team of caring individuals from a wide range of backgrounds who are eager to help raise awareness and education of mental health. 

This project will consists of raising awareness to let remind people that there is help out there and that there is always someone to speak to and contact when they feel down.

The programme will also include various educational awareness campaigns and training courses being made available. Funding will ensure that we can train the team up to deliver a range of mental health awareness and mental health first aid courses.

It is unfortunate that the media is reporting on a weekly, if not a monthly basis the sad stories of individuals who did not feel that they had help available to them, or did not seek that help soon enough.

The awareness campaign is a chance for Britain to come together and remind people that they always have a number to call (or text), a door to knock on and to know where safe environments can be found to share any sadness or self-harm thoughts that they may be carrying around with them.

Of course we can all share a message of support on social media and that is a great thing to continue, but there is very little that I have seen in the media, indeed aside from social media shares by my own friends, I only recall seeing a banking television advert and the odd poster.

Whilst the new educational year and Christmas may seem some time away, we are more than two thirds of the way through the year. Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for many and can affect people's mental health in a variety of ways. The unfortunate truth is, that it is not all tinsel and smiles for everyone.

Whilst there are a number of people that can offer mental health first aid training, this really is so important right now, giving people the ability and knowledge to see more of a person and being able to spot signs that they may not be coping can quite literally save a life. There are waiting lists for a number of the courses so the more mental health first aiders there are, the more difference can be made to so many communities.The more mental health first aiders that are out there, the more people can be saved.

We could be helping to train you, your friends, family and colleagues on how to help people.

There is still so much stigma surrounding mental health and this needn't be the case. if anyone does togetherness more than's the Brits!

You can be sure that your donations will go to making such a difference to people across the country as we will be training people countrywide to make a difference in various companies and community settings.

Be sure to sign up for updates so we can tell you how the journey is going, better still we can keep you informed about new projects and shout out when we are expanding our team of mental health first aid instructors.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish you a healthy and happy day. :-) x

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