Major Photographic Exhibit

by Gareth Sell and Steve Worrall in London, England, United Kingdom

Major Photographic Exhibit
We did it
On 25th February 2018 we successfully raised £230 with 2 supporters in 56 days

To raise much needed funds to cover costs of an photographic exhibit for two weeks, during the summer in London.

by Gareth Sell and Steve Worrall in London, England, United Kingdom

The images within this exhibit are from a bicycle ride I undertook in 2017, through Eastern Europe to show the health of communities either side of the poverty line. Using bus stops as a common visual aid to show this narrative, as a structure we all are familiar with. I had started in Tallinn and cycled 2,500 km and abruptly halted in Budapest due to my bike being stolen, before I could reach my goal of Sofia. However, having embarked on several of these expeditions since being medically discharged from the British Army in 2012, I am aware their are no adventures without drama. 

Nonetheless I was able to collect over 500 images of these bus shelters, and am now peddling through the editing and coursework. I may even have to venture back out to the southern regions of Eastern Europe as winter draws to a close to gather some more images, but again its rising costs and time is shrinking as a move closer to graduation. So my priority is to put on an exhibit of my work to present my story to all and close out my time at the University of West London on a high, for which I am projected to achieve a 1st.

Your donations will primarily go to the costs of a venue, followed by printing costs and hospitality. If I raise sufficient funds I will then produce a book to accompany the exhibit, bring my work to homes. Donations of support in finding a venue will be appreciated as warmly as any other donations.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Donate £50 and receive a print of your choosing.

As a valued donator I will send you an A4 print of your choice. Either choice any digital image from my website (address can be found below) or any one of the images shown in the exhibit.

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