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by Shanna Bent in London, England, United Kingdom


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by Shanna Bent in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This pledge will not only help us, but those that we employ as we will be advertising jobs and opportunities for local talent and professionals. Ideally, we would love to move into a studio with natural light and into an area closer to a central London high-street for safety and easy access, ensuring we have a comfortable space where our staff and guests can feel safe.

Maison Bent is a small independent brand championing sustainable practices and diversity. The September 2019 re-brand and debut Presentation launch in February 2020 was swiftly followed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, creating a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses.


Being a 100% self-funded company, Maison Bent currently relies on business-to-consumer purchases to keep afloat. This has been extremely difficult during this time of uncertainty on top of all of the overhead start-up costs. Nonetheless, we have remained optimistic and believe 'the show must go on!'.

We are extremely grateful for all of the international press accumulated so far and have remained consistent in showcasing during London Fashion Week. As you can imagine, these events have been very taxing for a young start-up trying to keep our voices heard in an extremely saturated market.

To expand the business and to continue producing collections, we need funds to pay Seamstresses, Pattern Cutters, Marketing, on-going fabric research and studio overheads. Everyone we work with are local professionals and friends of the brand so you will not only be helping us but an entire community. Website development is also needed in order to adapt to the ever-advancing digital world. Our longterm vision is to be sold in luxury stores but need the infrastructure in order to produce larger quantities in a timely yet sustainable manner. 

Pay It Forward London enables businesses to raise vital funds and stay afloat, rebuild and recover from the impacts of Covid-19 through crowdfunding. The Mayor of London's Back to Business Fund will match every pound you donate (each business can receive up to a maximum of £5,000 - or 50% of their campaign target). 

Your support would be highly appreciated.

Shanna Bent, CEO x

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