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Dalston- diversity and creativeness at its heart. Generations can find a part of their culture reflecting on past and new ideas.

by Pauline Matheson-Rossoni in London, England, United Kingdom

Working in schools, colleges and training centres in Europe and the UK for more than 25 years has triggered off a deep and intense desire in me to see more African, Aboriginal  and non Western genres of art and cultural expressions accessible to the public, essentially to the Black diasporas. 

Motivation and Needs

Galleries in Europe sponsor non-western art from for limited periods, then revert back to their usual exhibits.  We aim to provide a permanent resident for African and other world arts in local places where we can access and have immediate contact with the objects.  

Real Old vs Tourist Old

Our objects are sources directed with from experts and experienced local suppliers, they support us to understand the history, localisation of the objects and period for authenticity.

Exhibition and Display

Our vision is to exhibit 50-60 pieces for 3 months, then the sculptures and images or donating them if possible to other communities permanent places or lending them out for educational purposes such as Black History month and events.  

Staffing, Sustaining and Space

The money raise from crowdfunding is to pay for advertising and to pay for intitial running costs of the space.  We will have staff two part-time paid and volunteers to manage the daily tasks.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Rewards redeemable at African, Caribbean restaurants, snack bars, to buy organic toiletries, candles, creams and gifts, also to purchase items from establishments supporting our initiatives.

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