Mains Away

Mains Away

This page aims to raise money to pay for the production of our short film, particularly actors, props and camera rigging costs.

We did it!

On 3rd Mar 2018 we successfully raised £668 with 15 supporters in 56 days

Without revealing too much about the project... 

Mains Away is a British black comedy that takes place in the kitchen of a restaurant that takes itself somewhat too seriously.  On the most important night of the year, conflicts arise between three members of staff following an unexpected incident. 

From working in restaurants from my late teens to my early twenties I have come across (like many others) countless characters and dilemmas that were difficult to experience and hard to forget. Surprised by the notion that these particularly fictitious characters actually exist, I decided to write the narrative of a short film set in a restaurant kitchen. The narrative is extreme but the dialogue is not, largely based on what was heard when working in such places, I wanted to create characters who were authentic and believable. 

What makes this short stand out, is the way it will be shot and performed. The entire short will be shot from the perspective of a body, using an extremely immersive soundscape and sharp choreography to ensure an interesting and engaging experience. 

We are extremely excited about the crew, location and cast we have lined up for this project, including talented comedians and professional actors - these are the factors that require funding. 

If you have a spare couple of quid and would like to put it in a place that may lead you to laugh, cry and be entertained OR if you have worked in crappy restaurants and want to witness how one can portray the experience on screen, then donate donate donate! 

Otherwise, sit tight and await the release of an original short film. 

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