Maidenhead Festival 2016

Maidenhead Festival 2016

Maidenhead Festival is the biggest, regularly organised, free, public event. It builds community spirit, goodwill & raises funds for charity

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About Festival

Maidenhead Festival is the biggest, regularly organised, free, public event in Maidenhead and has many benefits for our community, including building community spirit and goodwill. It also helps to strengthen the charities and other organisations which take part by providing a platform for publicity, fund raising and recruitment.

The family-focussed event will have a circus theme and feature music, a beach, fairground, stalls and side shows, and of course the not-to-be missed fireworks display.

Up to 8,000 people from Maidenhead and the surrounding area enjoyed Maidenhead Festival last year.

The Team

Maidenhead Festival is organised for the community by the community. We have a small team of dedicated volunteers who fundraise, plan, organise and make festival happen each year, none of whom are paid. Festival is a standalone event, it is not a council-run or funded event, which is why your support is really needed and appreciated.

Why your support is needed

As a free event to attend Maidenhead Festival relies solely on donations from business and kind benefactors to be able to put on the event each year.  We have been successful to date in raising funds, however it is getting more and more difficult to meet our targets as everyone is feeling the penny pinch.

Your support of this event, no matter how big or small, will mean that thousands of local residents will get to enjoy a 2-day event, meet others and have a great time.  You will also be supporting numerous local charities who use the event to raise awareness of their work and funds at the same time.