Maiden Milebuilders for #KeepMaidenMoving

by Maiden Milebuilders in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Maiden Milebuilders for #KeepMaidenMoving


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We are the Maiden Factor Milebuilders and are raising money for The Maiden Factor Foundation to #keepmaidenmoving.

We the 4 Maiden Factor Milebuilders (Theresa, Lottie, Shealin, and Kirsten) of the leg from Hawaii to Vancouver are now raising funds for the Maiden Factor Foundation. We need to keep Maiden afloat so that the incredible work done by The Maiden Factor Foundation can continue after this pandemic.

The Maiden Factor Foundation's Mission: ‘Inspiring and empowering women and girls to reach their potential through education and bringing awareness of gender inequality, specifically for disenfranchised women and girls globally with no access to education, to give them the fighting chance they deserve’.


The original story of Maiden has inspired generations and demonstrated to young women and really anyone that “Anything is Possible”. Tracy Edwards and her all-female crew fought against all odds, battled many prejudices, and overcame huge obstacles to literally sail their way into the history books during the 1989 Whitebread Round the World Yacht Race. Maiden is now once again inspiring young and old across the globe with The Maiden Factor World Tour. Maiden’s new mission is to empower girls (and anyone) with her message and to provide vulnerable girls with an education. Over 130 million girls around the world are denied one of the most basic rights – access to education. The Maiden Factor supports and works with community programmes all over the world which empower and enable girls into education. 

The Maiden Factor World Tour is also helping female sailors achieve their dreams by selecting Milebuilders to come sail on Maiden for different legs of the tour. We were the 4 lucky Milebuilders who were selected to sail aboard Maiden for the leg across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Vancouver. The journey not only further expanded our sailing skills but it also gave us tremendous confidence to further pursue our dreams. The journey on Maiden was life changing for all of us. 

Unfortunately, like so many other great projects, Covid-19 has put a sudden pause on The Maiden Factor World Tour. This pause has effected the future stopover cities and towns that were excited and ready to meet Maiden, it has put a pause on future female sailors (milebuilders) who were eager to gain some much needed offshore miles by sailing on Maiden (to progress in the male dominated world of sailing), and most of all this pause is felt by those who needed Maiden most – the girls in living in poverty whom The Maiden Factor Foundation supported. The Center for Global Development reports that ‘When schools resume after Covid 19, the group of children most at risk of not returning to education are vulnerable girls and girls in poverty’.

Our goal – As we sailed approx. 2,500 nautical miles on Maiden we hope to raise £2,500 for The Maiden Factor to continue their World Tour post covid. We need your help! Maiden hopes to sail 150,000 nautical miles on its World Tour over the next three years and has a target of raising £150,000. Join us & donate now!

We are running this fundraiser over the month of July as it was last July (2019) that we sailed from Hawaii to Vancouver aboard Maiden. You can discover more on our journey below in our blog entries, news clips, and more. 

We know this is not the easiest time to ask for donations and we understand that many people are in hard circumstances at the moment. But for those of you who have been inspired by Maiden and are able to donate we are incredibly thankful for any donation amount. Maybe you have seen the Maiden movie and left the theater inspired and in tears, maybe you’ve come to meet the legendary yacht in one of its stopovers (and met the Maiden crew), or maybe you simply want to support Maiden's mission and enable girls around the world have access to an education. We are grateful for your donations however much you choose to give.


We hope you enjoy some of the below Maiden content:

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WATCH - Maiden Crew on CTV News

WATCH - Maiden's Vancouver Stopover

Examples of projects that have benefited from Maiden’s tour over the past 18 months:

• Building school water harvesting tanks which provide sufficient water for the school for a year

• Providing storybooks and other reading materials in local languages, together with teacher training and on-going support as well as child friendly learning environments

• Training women to give life skills classes and camps for girls

• Funding for girls’ tuition, uniforms, transport

• Mentoring communities and families

• Resources for over 350 girls to learn to read and write

• Training 8 new teachers and providing coaching for a year


The Maiden Factor World Tour Activities in its Stopover cities & towns:

  • Give presentations at schools and yacht clubs
  • Host screenings of the film Maiden with Q&A
  • Facilitate and host ‘Open Days’ on the boat
  • Take media and young people sailing
  • Fundraise for The Maiden Factor Foundation (supporting girls education)
  • Work with young people to understand and challenge social norms
  • Facilitate our Message of Hope
  • Invite young people to put their handprints on one of Maiden’s sails

Photo credits: Amalia Infante/ The Maiden Factor

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