Mahuwi Primary

Mahuwi Primary

To provide basic resources for the education of children in a remote region of Malawi.

We did it!

On 15th May 2017 we successfully raised £426 with 17 supporters in 56 days

The town of Livingstonia sits on a plateau high above Lake Malawi. It is difficult to access by vehicle, but struggles even more to access some of the equipment British school children take for granted. Mahuwi Primary School has 305 pupils enrolled this year, but the head-teacher, Eliza Banda, and the PTA Chair McDonald Harawa, do not have adequate resources to teach them. They have a list of items badly needed to give their pupils the best start possible. 

Education for all: there are 22 vulnerable and orphaned children listed by the school as needing financial support to get them basic primary education. Without this, their life chances will not improve.

Putting pen to paper: Mahuwi students don't have enough pens, pencils, or exercise books to complete their lessons. Small donations can go a long way to providing these basic and essential resources.

Support sports:  A few footballs can make a huge difference to the physical activity (and fun!) available to children.  

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