A short haunting thriller following the murderous stalking of a vulnerable mother and son.

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On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £3,267 of £3,200 target with 47 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Massive thanks to all our fantastic backers for helping us reach our first target! All your donations have been received with gratitude by the Mahogany crew and each will help us bring our vision to the big screen. Thanks to you we have managed to secure a selection of essential requirements for the film. However, we still need your help to complete Mahogany's checklist. Covering such sensitive and important themes it is essential that this film is made with true integrity, to do this successfully we will need talented actors and realistic locations and designs. 

As a group of young filmmakers we are in the pre-production stages of creating a short 15 minute thriller about the underlying terror of domestic abuse. 



A recent divorcee lives in fear with her 8-year-old son in a wealthy home. She is haunted by memories of her inhumane ex-husband. These memories soon to be relived as he plots against her and begins follow her continuously.

 Mahogany is a short thriller following Meriel, a 35 year old single mother and her only son Grain. Typical of many single parent mothers, Meriel’s son is the centre of her world. Grain is naive and tries to avoid taking sides despite his father's, Garner, abusive behaviour and absence.

 Our interest in telling this tale is to raise awareness of domestic violence in current society and the realism of its presence. This theme emphasises the specific haunting fear that is universal to all parents of leaving their children alone.



Mahogany encompasses very real themes of violence, stalking and revenge all portrayed in a fearful manner. The editing, cinematography and sound will be used to emphasise this fear factor.  A succession of fast cuts will be implemented in scenes that contain any rise in tension combined with a slower pace when performance, rather than events, leads the narrative. We will also experiment with prolonged shots without cuts to avoid interruption in the scenes.  The cinematography will blend naturalism with heightened stylisation, transitioning from the former to the latter as the script progresses. Subtle perspective altering techniques will be used at key points to heighten the unease experienced by the characters. Coloured light will highlight an ever intensifying atmosphere : the climax of the film with be bathed in vibrant neon, contrasting with the muted natural tones of previous scenes. Elements of diegetic sound such of furniture creeks and door slams will be accompanied at critical points by non-diegetic atmospherics such as screeching, piercing notes - culminating in an eerie, discomforting mood.





Mahogany has been in development since May 2016. We have achieved a locked down script and set design, successfully secured the majority of film locations and gathered an experienced and assertive film crew. In the upcoming month we will also be holding casting sessions in correlation with obtaining the rest of our locations and scheduling our shoot. As final year students at the Bournemouth Film School we are currently limited to a very tight budget given to us for this challenging project. To deliver this film to the big screen we need to reach our target of at least £3200. All the donations will go straight into the production to help us make Mahogany into something very special. Our main aim as filmmakers is to make sure that the finished film is going to be truly loved by our audience - and that means you! Your donations will go towards: 

  • steam room set build 
  • fees, accommodation and travel costs of our 5 talented cast members and over 20 extras
  • hire fees for all 5 locations 
  • catering and travel costs of our committed crew of 35 members 
  • professional equipment hire 
  • costume and production design dressing 
  • legal requirements and fees of working with child cast members



As a thank you for your donations and support from our production team, we have some special rewards waiting for you. Take a look at the full list below: 





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