Magnus and Prime: A Fantasy Novel Series

Magnus and Prime: A Fantasy Novel Series

I want to make my dream of self-publishing a novel, a reality. To do this, I'll need help from what I hope will be loyal fans of my work.

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £140 with 6 supporters in 28 days

I believe in creating stories that entertain, rather than ones that try to be the height of sophistication; what I mean by this is I want to create lasting memories through emotions, as opposed to ones forged through political agendas and such.

And, after three years of planning and writing, I've created the first novel in a series dedicated to three things: love, loss, and laughter. I believe mixing these core things together into a fantasy tale will make for something a little different than the usual tropes of epic heroes and hordes of irredeemable villains.

The Tales of Magnus and Prime follow a group of renegades and outcasts trying their best to stop a seemingly inevitable apocalypse that could very well end the world of Magnus and all those on it. Along the way, I've created and modified several fantasy tropes and groups, to twist the current formula in a creative way.

The characters are indeed the focus, but the world is also a mighty sight to behold, and I hope you enjoy your stay in this world I've created: the mortal lands of Magnus and the godly realm of Prime.

The planned release date is Spring 2018, with a more accurate date coming in the new year. Your donations will pay for proof-readers, barcodes, and many more things a self-publish book needs. In return, I'm offering some side-stories related to Magnus and Prime, as well as some perks related the release of the first novel in the series: Meeting of the Minds.

Thank you, and I welcome you support, whether monetary or just a simple following; every new fan is another reason to keep writing.

-Jack Robinson.

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