Magnetik - A Northern Music Collective

by Magnetik in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Magnetik - A Northern Music Collective
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A compilation album of the North East's rising stars, to raise funds for the next generation of homegrown talent.

by Magnetik in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Hi there!

Welcome to Magnetik, a Northern Music Collaboration between City Youth Music and Loft Music Studios. 

MAGNETIK is a project with the aim to fund, produce and promote the best music the region has to offer and to use the principle that ‘a whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’ to create a project that will drive promotion and exposure for all artists involved whilst also giving the young people of City Youth Music the opportunities to come up through the Newcastle music scene with the mentoring of Loft Music Studios.

City Youth Music are a non-profit based in Newcastle that work to create opportunities for musically talented young people whilst also providing a space for other young people to take part in and be involved with other musical projects. From this project these young people will be granted the opportunities to:

-Become paid Youth Workers for CYM

-Put on events to showcase their talents

-Develop skills that may be missed in schools

-Work with other like minded individuals

Of course there is a cost to such creativity which is why City Youth Music relies upon such projects as Magnetik to be able to grant local children the opportunities to explore their talents that they can through the help and guidance that we can offer at Loft Music Studios with everything from business management all the way through to writing, recording and producing music.

This is message is particularly important to one Magnetik artist, Kay Greyson, who already gets involved with the community by running free sessions for girls to hone their talents as well as teaching at Excelsior Academy, she says “being part of Magnetik is a great opportunity for me to work with other artists and see what the city has to offer. I try to encourage the kids to collaborate and get involved with different projects in their hometowns so it’s great to set an example.”

Jack Golightly a.k.a Jango Flash tells his story, having had the luck of growing up surrounded by music: “I’ve been lucky enough to be raised around music at a very early stage. I was given my first drum kit at two years of age, my father is a marvellous songwriter. He was in a punk group down in London in the 80’s, and he was just shy of being signed to EMI back in the day.”

“He continued to write music up North with my friend Sam Fender’s dad, and I remember we grew up as kids hearing those two mix their tunes late into the night, which I know pushed and inspired us to do more with our own music.”

“Music is something that’s always been there and something I feel I’ll never lose touch with. It’s been hard wired into me as a way of communicating things to people that I couldn’t in any other way, and it’s something that’s tied me in to a community of very talented and wonderful individuals here in the North East.”

“For these reasons alone, I think it’s extremely valuable to nurture and support young people and help them realise their creativity. If kids are given the opportunity to channel their own ideas through events and funding provided by City Youth, it could be life changing for them. I’m fully in support of the dedicated and selfless team at Magnetik for forming a partnership with City Youth, and I’m honoured to be a part of the programme.”

By getting involved you’ll be helping nurture the next generation of Newcastle’s musical talent whilst enjoying the music of the current generation of Newcastle’s upcoming artists. The artists recording an exclusive track for the compilation are:

Sleeptape are an alt-rock band formed in 2017. They have plenty of gigs and five massive singles under their belt. 

Solo project of Them Things drummer Jack Angus Golightly, Jango Flash takes influence from “Mood lighting, unnecessarily small staircases, floor to ceiling wood panelling and shag carpet hot tubs.”

At only 14 years of age, Tom Mouse Smith is the youngest person to feature on Magnetik North with his acoustic singer songwriter material. 

NATO is a rapper with an impressive set of skills that’s seen him go from freestyling in Newcastle to touring around Europe.

The songstress Sarah Connolly brings her unique sound and captivating songwriting to the compilation.

Four piece indie outfit Club Paradise deliver a dose of tropical pop that you’ll definitely be throwing shapes to.

Kay Greyson’s upbeat hip hop sound channels her positivity and has seen her appear on BBC’s Inside Out for her musical mentoring work.

18 year old rapper Finn Armstrong a.k.a SWEETS featuring the vocal talents of San Junipero singer and songwriter Lauren Amour completes a lineup stacked with homegrown talent.

You can keep up to date with our progress and what’s going on behind the scenes over at MagnetikNorthMusic on Facebook and @Magnetik_Music on twitter.


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