Magnetic piston improved effieciency alternator

by Tonny in London, England, United Kingdom

Magnetic piston improved effieciency alternator
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by Tonny in London, England, United Kingdom

At 13 I was researching genetic splicing but found that it wasn’t for me. At 15 I wanted to make a hover car but I was told it couldn’t be done. I set about it anyway because it was a challenge. First thing was a power source so I started research on fission and fusion but this needed a lab which I did not have so I further looked into energy production. I found something that worked for me at 19 but I opted to finish university then follow my passion. Graduated in Biomedical sciences and moved onto research and experimenting at 23. I’ve been working on it since researching similar technology and experimenting with what I have. I have finally come up with an end result, a system of stator, rotor and piston run off a motor. Juggling work and research is just not feasible anymore, I need to be working on the development of this fulltime. The final phase is to look at the input output ratio. Not all the work is done by the motor hence the ratio. I’m here looking to fund a finished product with professionally made parts for prototypes.


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