MagnaRep needs your help - Stop Animal Cruelty Now

MagnaRep needs your help to Stop Animal Cruelty Now!

We did it!

On 16th May 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 2 supporters in 56 days



MagnaRep: Reptile & Exotics, Rescue & Support is a completely self funded  Exotic specialistanimal rescue center. We work 24/7 to ensure the health & safety of every animal we come in contact with. We are a voluntary organization so we rely heavily on public donations to allow us to continue operating. We operate a 24/7 phone line for animal advice and support so our work is endless. We are only a small charity and with the ever increasing tide of animal cruelty we face, we need you're help. Please visit our website to see example of animals we have saved, the link is below.

MagnaRep needs your help. Our Rescue Center recently took a massive blow when our Premises became structurally unstable and for the safety of the animals, our volunteers and our clients, we had to evacuate. Our landlord seemingly was not insured and refused to correct this mistake. We are taking legal action but right now we have over 65 animals still in our care that we have no proper premises for. Without somewhere for the public to come and bring their animals for consultation, anywhere to quarantine the sick or anywhere to treat them.....we cannot operate! We are now stuck with no premises and no funding to secure a new building. We have been in contact with many landlords, councils and trusts trying to secure a new building but no one is willing to help us. We need a premises big enough to house our Animal Rescue Center, Quarantine facility, Treatment areas, Consultation rooms and our Shop that is our only funding for the charity. Please get in touch if you can help!!Our charity cannot seem to catch a break. Luckily we have been offered to buy a plot of land local to our Trustees that can be built on, or that can be used to contain the rescue center completely. We have been offered this at a discounted rate of £14,000 for over 600 sqMeter of usable land, securely gated. This means all of our volunteers and Trustees can work securely and the public can come and get the help they need and we can help the animals. We have detailed plans to introduce MagnaRep to the community with a community Garden. We want a place where people can enjoy themselves and where people can come and see us and enjoy what our charity has to offer. We already do lots of community work and we want to continue by providing a new lease of life to a community that has very little.  We have the backing of the local Councillors and the community around the area cant wait to get started. Salford city council are looking forward to helping us too. We have approval for the use of the land, We just need the funding!! Heres a rough drawing of the plans;




We have looked at our options and we believe our best solution is to buy the land, buy 4x 25ft Porta-Cabins at £1,500 each and convert them into our new facility. We have lots of trade volunteers willing to help us with Labour and materials. We have the manpower, but not the finances. We estimate that  the convertion of the cabins will cost a further £3,000 - £4,000 and we are doing everything we can to raise the funds.

 UPDATE - Recently we have been having meetings with our local Councilors and MP's. They have networked us to Salford City Council, Manchester City Council, City West Housing assaciation, Urban Outreach, PUP, Cats Protection among other organizations and everyone is keen to help. We are looking into loads of options to help MagnaRep succeed. We are still in need of a Premises but The Ark Project is still needed in our community so lets get funding!!

Please help if you can!Without our services, the animals will suffer and there is nothing we can do to help.



Here are some images of animals we have helped

Betty the Sulcata Tortoise

Betty was handed in with her sister Doris. Doris has some minor ailments but is well on the road to recovery now. Betty however had sever shell degredation and possibly a life threatening disease. We rushed Betty to an emergency vet who was shocked and appauled at her condition. Ouir options were slim, they wanted to put her to sleep. The vet advised us as best as possible but could not help. We got together and Myself(Founder, Cheif Rescue agent and head animal Technician) and one of our volunteers set out working on a shell bridge to protect her and keep her safe. Look at her now!! she now is eating, drinking and running around like all the other tortoises at MagnaRep. She is happy and loving life. Her shell is Hot pink and she loves to show it off










Bella the Boa Constrictor 

Starved, deprived of water & Left to rot in her own faeces. Covered in layers of her own shed where she didnt have the strength to continue. her body was rotting inside and out, her organs were failing and she was dying




Before                                                                                            After!!



R.I.P Beautiful


Hope the Uromastyx

 Left to die in a tank, no proper care, no life. Malnourished and paper thin. so thin you could see his organs through his skin. His owner said he just went like that. Fed veryy little and on the wrong foods and slowly perishing. Peoples cruelty knows no bounds!


R.I.P Little Man


Iggy the Iguana

Dumped by his owner in a garden, left to fend outside for months in our cold winter, Partially paralyzed because of his ordeal, unable to fend for himself. The Vets said to put him to sleep, nothing could be done and he was Lucky to be alive at all. They said he would never be able to climb again and that he would be traumatized. We didnt kill him, we dont play god. We worked with him, specialized exercise and hydrotherapy and radiotherapy. He Recovered, paralyziz eased, he began climbing again, and now lives a hapy life


Before                                                                                          Week 1 change



Climbing!                                                                     Progress!





Other Successful Rescue Animals










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