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Magical Circus

Dear Dream Maker, could you help Magical Circus continue to make children laugh, dream and achieve!

We did it!

On 29th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,210 with 17 supporters in 56 days

Dear Dream Maker,

Hi, we are Melanie & Angelo and our daughter Angélica (CA&CE) or Magical Circus and we have been running our small, family business for over 15 years across the North West of England and occasionally further afield (Prince Rupert's School 40th Anniversary in Germany in 2012).

We have provided entertainment and workshops as Kuki & Krums the clowns and other characters for private birthday and family parties, to nurseries, primary and secondary schools, clubs, community groups, companies and councils.  Maybe you have seen us about or your son or daughter have told you about us?

In recent years, we have been struggling, firstly due to the recession in 2008, secondly due to competition from every conceivable venue providing birthday parties, thirdly due to the government austerity measures which have meant less spending by schools and closures of Sure Start Centres locally and finally due to the introduction of free hot meals for all KS1 children, which is a good move but has limited our access to school halls for our full day workshops.

We had reached the point, where we needed to decide whether to give it all up and pursue other separate careers or to give it one final push and we aren't giving up yet. For the last year, we have been searching for a venue to base Magical Circus at. We have viewed countless warehouses across Wirral but repeatedly been declined due to our usage classification, that is, we are not 'industrial or storage'! Then one day last November, after spending many hours driving around, by chance a 'Commercial to Let' advert jumped out at us in our town centre.

The Guild Hall appears (drum roll please!)

We have found the most amazing venue, an old Masonic Hall which is perfect for our 'Dream'. It is centrally located with plenty of parking available and the first floor, which we are presently about to sign Heads of Terms for, has one large hall, one small hall, extra rooms, kitchen areas and toilet facilities plus storage.

We are putting every last penny we have into this and family members are helping too but this is a big project and we need help, hopefully your help to make it truly special for everybody. The building has been empty for over three years and we want to turn it into a 'Dream Maker' venue, a Magical Circus in the centre of town.

What we will offer at Magical Circus

We want to provide a range of services and obviously if we succeed, we won't be able to do everything by ourselves, so we will create employment opportunities in the area as well, which is exciting.

Birthday parties like no other!

Our birthday party packages will be the initial main focus of our work.  They will be exclusive and unique, as they always had been but with the addition of an environment that will be extra special, so that families and their friends can make memories while we provide entertainment, workshops, activities, food and drink in a comfortable, relaxing, fun and exciting environment, like no other.

Fun and inspirational circus workshops

Our circus workshop day packages for primary schools will support the curriculum and provide off-site fun learning experiences with circus skills performances, workshops, circus history, arts and crafts, creative writing incentives and hopefully erecting a mini circus tent too!

Circus variety shows with Kuki and Krums the clowns! (and Pinky when she is on holidays *<:o)

Throughout the year we will provide circus shows for nurseries, primary schools and the community.

FX Make-up workshops for those who dare!

Our fx make-up workshops will be available for secondary schools and clubs for hands-on, inspiration experiences to support the curriculum and for fun.

Corporate team building events

Our circus skills and fx make-up team building events for companies will be more inviting, as the venue will provide space for talks / meetings and refreshments as well our services.

Family oriented community events

Our community events will include a Heely and roller discos (Angélica's inspiration after Father Christmas' visit), circus workshops with annual shows by the children and young people training and toddler mornings to play and try out circus skills with Mummy or Daddy or Nanny or Grandad, just a few of our ideas.

What needs to be done before the 'Magic' starts?

We want to renovate and refurbish the venue into 'Magical Circus' with the main hall being transformed back to the Golden Age of Circus, the small hall into an imaginative play room complete with circus cubicles: dressing room, circus zoo and kiosk and a circus carriage, other rooms into a party tea room and library / circus school room, a cafe and lounge for parents and school staff.

We are both very hands on, we create and make our costumes and props, choreograph and design our shows, design and build our website and adverts, so we will do most of the work ourselves, for the time being. We have seven weeks until the proposed start date. If we reach our target, we will be able to renovate and refurbish the entire floor. If not, we will do as much as we can, prioritising with the main areas that we require and continue with the remainder once we can afford it, as our overheads will be substantial once we are up and running.

We need £10,000 in addition to our own funds for:

  • Materials to build an entrance to enclose the toilets within our floor for the safety of all the children attending our venue.
  • Paint to transform the place throughout.
  • Materials for circus cubicles and circus carriage for the playroom.
  • Materials to build tables and benches for the party tea room.
  • Flooring – carpet for the entrance corridor and adhesive tiles for the party tea room, lounge and cafe.
  • Worktops and appliances for the cafe – we have acquired complete kitchen units from Freecycle :-)
  • Popcorn and candyfloss machines.
  • Lighting - LED bulbs and lights for safety and to save energy!
  • Update the toilets and install waterless urinals to save water!
  • Security – alarm and locks connected to the fire alarm system.
  • Blinds for nine windows – presently making curtains from materials we have bought in the sales and from our store cupboard.
  • Lion mouth slide from entrance corridor into play room!
  • Distorting mirrors which children love!
  • Single trapeze and safety mats for lessons.
  • Materials to make hand-free stilts, various sizes for all age ranges.
  • Circus props such as rola bolas to increase the skills we already offer.
  • Children's costumes for the play dressing room and circus zoo play cubicles.
  • Materials to create a puppet's theatre for children to put their own shows on!
  • Extra large TV for the media, circus school room to offer educational stories linked to the circus.
  • Books for the circus library, because we love books!

How we came up with this idea

Our inspiration comes from the years of working together, from the amazing Mr Tihany for whom we worked in Circo Tihany, a magnificent circus in South America, from our visits to the wonderful Watermouth Castle in Devon, a truly imaginative gem created by the late Mr Haines, from the fantastic Wookey Hole Circus in Somerset, created by Jerry Cottle and lately from a brilliant film, 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' that we watched recently with our daughter Angélica.

Our aims are still the same

We would like to continue giving children and adults true healthy live entertainment with no age barriers, sharing family time together and happy memories to last forever.

We know this is a lot to ask but any contribution will really be appreciated and we are offering a range of rewards as a thank you, from your name on our website 'Dream Maker' page to a family ticket to one of our shows within the first year of opening, to performing a show with all ticket sale proceeds going to your chosen charity. This way you can receive a reward, even if you don't live in our area.

We hope we can inspire you to make a contribution, so we can continue to make dreams come true and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Thank you very, very much!  &:o)  {]:o)  *<:o)

Melanie, Angelo and Angélica. (Kuki, Krums and Pinky the clowns)

We will keep you posted via Crowdfunder and our page.


“If you have never wept bitter tears because a wonderful story has come to an end and you must take your leave of the characters with whom you have shared so many adventures, whom you have loved and admired, for whom you have hoped and feared, and without whose company life seems empty and meaningless. If such things have not been part of your own experience, you probably won't understand what Bastian did next.”

Michael Ende, from 'The Neverending Story', a fantastic children's book.












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