Magic Lanterns Into Film Film Club

Magic Lanterns Into Film Film Club

Help fund the licence that will enable us to show films to home educated children and adults for FREE for a whole year with "Into Film".

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £160 of £117 target with 9 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Hurrah! We made it to our target and I am speaking to the licence company today to get our licence! It's happening! Magic Lanterns Film Club is here. Thanks to you... <3

We are now looking for an additional £35 to fund a dvd player that would be dedicated to and owned by Magic Lanterns. This would be a more user friendly and reliable interface to connect to the projector than my laptop. We could then have the laptop as a back up.

This is not essential and the film club is going ahead without it but would very useful and so if anyone is still keen to support this project and hasn't yet then please feel free to pledge!

Meanwhile I will keep doing the behind the scenes stuff setting up our new film club! :)

We are crowdfunding to raise money to pay for the PVSL licence that we need to start a home educator film club with "Into Film". This licence costs £117 and will mean that we can hold viewings of any of the HUGE catalogue of films that "Into Film" have for a whole year, for FREE.

Our vision:
Once established as a film club with a valid PVSL licence we will begin to plan and host viewings in our East Grinstead venue, Yoga Akasha. Families would be welcome to travel from anywhere to join us. We would choose some films ourselves and also welcome individual film or theme suggestions from home educating children and families.

Watching film as a member of a film club means we can share the experience a great film offers TOGETHER. Film has the capacity to educate, move, motivate, heal, empower... The list goes on. To physically share a film with others can amplify the experience hugely. It can bring us closer as a community. It enables discussion of subject matter if desired. It may also inspire your children and result in a new direction in your home educating journey...

If we raise more than we require during this crowdfunding we may also buy an affordable dvd player to have as a reliable back-up. Other money will remain in a fund as a safety net, to cover next year's licence or any fixes or replacements to equipment needed as time goes on, though we may also need to fundraise specifically for such an event. We have been loaned (for free and on an open ended basis) all necessary projection equipment by a generous parent. We do not need anything else at present and hope that all this equipment will work smoothly for years!

No money raised in this crowdfunding will go into personal coffers and any equipment purchased will be owned by Magic Lanterns film club, so by you. We hope to be starting something that will last for a long time...

Other benefits:
In the future we hope to run special events or groups on a connected theme eg animation or film making. We also hope to show a film, which may be a premier, as part of the national "Into Film Festival". Children can, at parental discretion, be part of the wider online community on the "Into Film" club site,  where children discuss and review films.

Film viewings:
Film viewings will be free. No cost. We will have a pot for donations at the door but any donations at a viewing are totally optional. We hope that any such donations, through the year, will fund the licence for the year that follows and so on... Money raised from donations at viewings would also act as a safety net for equipment fixes or replacements.

A small percentage (20%) of any donations at film viewings will be given to the venue, who are offering their space whenever we need it for free. The remaining 80% would belong to Magic Lanterns. As the PVSL licence itself will be fixed to a venue (a requirement) it may also be that Yoga Akasha use the licence to show films for their own purposes, also for free or with optional donations. This will be at no cost to Magic Lanterns film club and not compromise the licence or film club in any way.

Let's do it!
So... help us fund the licence and we can start planning and start showing soon!

Thank you for reading! We hope you can offer a donation to help us bring this little dream into reality.

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