Maggie's Pop-Up Sketchbook Workshops

Maggie's Pop-Up Sketchbook Workshops

Bringing Creative Workshops to vulnerable people, Dementia sufferers and Carers in their own environments, Drop-in Centres, Care Homes ...

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Project aim

Bringing Creative Workshops to vulnerable people and Dementia sufferers in their own environments, Drop-in Centres, Care Homes etc

About the project

  • Currently I am applying for a Grant to enable me to take my Pop-Up Sketchbook Workshop to Care Homes, Dementia Coffee Mornings, Drop-In Care Groups and all manner of other community groups, in addition to Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms, Pubs and Clubs where these people and their carers would feel comfortable to chat and take part in a creative activity.


  • An all important part of the Grant is to achieve some 'match funding' and I am hoping to raise at least £2,000 from this Crowdfunding campaign to enable me to get this activity up and running. 


  • To date, I have found a great need for this activity but a huge lack of funds to pay and whilst I am happy to do some volunteer work, I cannot sustain this long term and it is not fair to other Artists to offer unpaid Workshops.   Essentially having funding for the Workshops would enable me to concentrate on booking, planing and, most importantly, delivering these Creative Workshops, which I feel so passionately about.  


  • The materials used will range from drawing, painting, collage, printing, stitiching etc on various surfaces from paper to fabrics and using a wide variety of source materials.  I would also like to use digital media/ipad both as a creative tool, but also, as I have already found useful, as a resource to help with reminiscing, answering immediate discussions and to inspire creative sessions.  


  • As an Artist working with Mixed Media and Textiles,  the projects we will work on will vary, but will be adapted to the ability of those taking part.  My aim will be to encourage collaborative pieces, exploring different materials and styles.  Many people are being encouraged to use colouring-in books as adults these days, but, although I acknowledge they have a place, for me they are of limited value and my experience working creatively with vulnerable people has shown that they are happier to create something more personal.  Drawing really does change lives.  Everyone has drawn and at some point in their lives they have either decided to continue or decided to stop.


  • Most recently, as part of my creative discipline, I have been working on a resular basis for the Arts for Health Project as part of South Staffordshire and Shropshire Mental health Trust and the feed back has been unanimouly positive, I think this is partly due to my good fortune of having been born with a cheery and sunny disposition, which I love to share. 


  • ...."I have worked with Maggie on several creative projects for Arts for Health at South Staffordshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.  She is a skilled and sensitive creative practitioiner who works extremely well with our service users and has come up with some lovely project ideas, including big group pieces and invidual work.  Her sessions are inclusive in that they allow for widely varying levels of skill and ability and she gently draws in those members of the group who may be lacking in confidence.  She has dealt with difficult situations with professionalism and kindness.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her." 


  • I have been involved as a volunteer many times working on creative projects with groups of residents in care homes in a similar situation.  What I quickly discovered was that once sitting around the table, the conversation would begin to flow. Often the people who appeared to be very confused and elderly, would transform into people half their age, discussing their careers and family life. 


  • I think this time of shared activity and conversation is of extreme value to the social life of these people and, for the family to see completed projects that their loved one has taken part in can be of great comfort. 


  • I watched my Mum suffering from Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease over fifteen years.  Eleven years of her life were spent in a residential home, the last six years being in bed, unable to do anything for herself and often with her eyes closed.  As a family, we were lucky, in so far as the care she received was exemplary and she remained dignified throughout.   


  • Needless to say, the experience of watching and supporting my mother throughout this time has given me a very special experience, which I can use in a positive way to help others going through this journey and in other vulnerable situations. 

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