MAG1 Community Gallery and Studio

Create a Gallery and workshop space for local artists to exhibit their work and provide classes for the wider community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Low Light Photography

What is the projectThe aim of the project is to create a Gallery/Studio space (Mercian Artisans Gallery one) where local artists can show their work and provide classes for the local community. We have secured a unit in the North West Leicestershire countryside at Staunton Harold. The area is beautiful, relaxing and the perfect setting for creative endeavours. The unit is currently just a shell waiting to be transformed which is why we are raising funds.

It isn’t just money you can help us with though – maybe you have some time you can spare helping us set up or cabinet making skills we could put to use. 

Who are we? We are a co-operative group for creative people (still open for new members Smile) which aims to work together to create galleries, pop up exhibitions and take part in other events. Artists and crafters can exhibit their work, take part in the processes of a retail environment and disseminate their wealth of experience and knowledge to anyone who wants to learn.

Members benefit by sharing the burden of costs and time needed to sell work. Visitors benefit by being able to purchase something unique made with skill and care. The local community benefits by having access to creative, fun workshops and classes.

Beaded Dragonflies from a jewellery class              Artisan Created Designer Jewellery

Rewarding help Every little helps so we have rewards for all sizes of donation. We would like you all to get a taste of what we do so we have some rewards that will be truly unique. For A £5 donation we will send you two any occasion cards created by one of our artists. A £25 donation will buy you a beautiful art pendant, hand painted in your choice of colour on a sterling silver chain and in a gift box. A £30 donation secures a place on a getting to know your DSLR workshop around our beautiful location. £50 and we’ll put together a goody bag of papercraft materials worth £150. If you would like a 10 week art or craft course, in house or online then £100 secures you a place on the one of your choice. Of course you can donate without a reward which is the most valuable way of funding us. In all cases we will keep you up to date with our progress, special offers and events. 

How the money will be spent We will be using the money to help start up this project. Costs include

·       Purchase of a hanging system   Materials and Equipment

·       Display shelving and furniture   Tables and chairs

·        Computer essentials                  Cupboards and storage

·       Oil painting of boat on misty lake        Quilting project Stained Glass windows