Maedb's Guildhall journey

Maedb's Guildhall journey

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I'm Maedb, a 19 year old student, about to begin my study at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I have been a writer, poet and actress since before I can remember,  and have continued to further my training within the confines of a state school. So, to study at an profound institution is a massive blessing. Unfortunately, it often feels as if the odds are stacked against me.

In 2014, in my first year of college, I got run over by a Royal Mail van - consequently slashing off my foot, causing 12 breaks and fractures (it was literally hanging on to my ankle by a ligament)! This led to a year of being bedbound, 16 and a half hours of surgery, and a loss of education. 

Fortunately, within this year I rekindled my love for writing and the birth of me as a spoken word artist began. It was within this year that I recognised that life hasn't been so fair to me, and I understood myself. See, previously to this accident, due to circumstances outside of my family's control, I had difficulties in school life, and eventually got sent to an alternative education unit. My rebellious nature was often misunderstood, and I lacked any support or therapy in reference to prior sexual trauma, and my family didn't know how to help because they needed help too.

How ironic? A physical trauma helped me make sense of past traumas. And you know what, my accident was so worth it. 

After recovering, I started back at the same college to study Performing Arts - however at a higher level. This was all by a stroke of luck. I actually didn't realise  I had my audition on the day, but turned up without a monologue and performed an original spoken word piece. Much to my surprise I was accepted, even without the entry grades. 

I soon began studying here and fell in love with education! Me, the person who hated it. I was soon achieving distintinctions and fell in love with anaylatical writing. My mum, and a close friend of mine, lent me books on feminism, and feminism in Shakespeare, and I soon formed my feminist identity, which is embedded in my writing and my 'niche'. 

I had no idea that studying could be so fun and fufilling! 

So, it was now my final year of college and we were told to start applying for universities and drama schools. I found this course at Guildhall; about perfecting your artistry and collaborating across all art forms. So, to a spoken word poet, actress and writer this is more than perfect. I was bombarded by stories from friends, family and teachers about how hard it was to get into Guildhall. My step-grandad told me how it was just a scam, and they never accept anyone. 

But.... I GOT IN!

My ultimate goal is to be a drama therapist, and I have been aiding my progress by volunteering at Angel Shed Theatre Company to work within their inclusive practice children drama groups during half term. 

Unfortunately, volunteering doesn't pay the bills, however it is extremely fufilling. I fell in love with it, and found myself extremely happy after each day. 

I am asking you for donations, in order to ensure I can follow my dreams and study at Guildhall. I have to raise a deposit by June, which I cannot get through student finance. If I do not raise this, all hopes of me attending are out of the window. (We have already raised £1000 by ourselves. This is our last hope.) 

It would also be amazing if perhaps I could raise some extra money in order to ensure I can continue to volunteer over summer. 

My final ask which I understand may not be achieveable but would be amazing if it is - is to raise money for a macbook. It holds software in which I can edit visuals I film, learn how to make beats for my poetry, record from my keyboard and to combine music with my words. 

I live with a working class mother, in south London and we often struggle to make ends meet. I sell vintage clothes every month at a vintage fair however this only covers my travel to college. 

I am also currently looking for office work. The damage on my foot makes the demand of catering work impossible to work within that industry; which I understand most people of my age do so.

I would like to say a massive thank-you for all of your donations. And updates of any of my work can be seen on my twitter account - @maedbspw 

I will continue to update my progress on here and any works at the stage of completion. Please bare with my handmade videos, having to do on my phone for now! 

Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Thank-you for taking the time to read!