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Madrigirls turns 20 this year! Help us celebrate in style, and support working artists in these uncertain times.

by Glasgow Madrigirls in Kirkintilloch, Scotland, United Kingdom

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If we have the support, we're planning to record our sixth album in 2021. Help us make that happen.

Madrigirls turns 20 this year! Help us celebrate in style, and support working artists in these uncertain times, by pledging your support towards two brand new pieces of music and a specially-commissioned set of readings for our 20th Advent concert.

December 2020 will be our 20th Advent carol concert and we have lots of exciting plans. Although, due to current circumstances, the concert probably won't be able to take its usual form (more on that to come) we're determined to mark the occasion in style. But we need your help.

While we love digging around for old music to bring back to life, it's always been very important to us to support living composers too, and that's even more true in the current circumstances. We're planning to commission two new pieces to be premiered at Advent 2020, both mixing the old and the new in true Madrigirls style. Frank la Rocca, whose amazing music also helped mark our 10th anniversary, will create a new setting of the medieval text There is no rose, and Glasgow-based Emily Doolittle is planning a new piece based on a traditional wassail to the wren, 'the king of all birds'.

Music is our lifeblood, but words have always been a hugely important part of our performances too - and this year is no different. We are planning an open call out to interested poets to submit their work - new or existing - to be considered for our nine readings at Advent 2020. The poets we select will be paid a small fee and (we hope!) given a new platform to publicise what they do.

Now more than ever, we want to support working artists, and that's where you come in. We know things are tough for many at the moment, but we also know we have some amazing friends out there. By pledging £20 for 20, or more if you are able, you can help us support the arts and make sure our 20th Advent is one to remember!

Thank you.

Katy, Catriona & Glasgow Madrigirls

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