Dog clothes for poorly animals made to measure

Dog clothes for poorly animals made to measure

Made to measure dog clothing for poorly animals to help them feel comfortable and secure.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 I've been sewing since i was child and it's something which gives me great satisfaction, turning a flat piece of fabric in to something that people will love.

I make dog clothes by taking measurements from the owner, i then make them a dog pj/onesie which is almost like a back to front baby grow. Made by covering tummy area and has fasteners allong the back.  


Its so lovely  in recent times my job has changed some what by allowing me to help the rescue centres and make items for lots of different types of poorly animals. I would love to be able to go directly to the rescue centres and sew what they need to help the animals feel a little more comforted and secure which is how they feel wearing my clothing.

Being in Cornwall everywhere is such a distance that you really need to be mobile, something i struggle with. As a single mum to a lovely daughter my focus being happy and keeping my little one secure without creating debt which is why i'm hoping to source help for you. Your belief in me will allow me to aquire the cloth i need, decent machine and a van to travel in to make the these animals happier and more secure just like how i try to keep my child. I would spend the day, sewing machines, fabric and make all of the clothing to fit, but would need a van to drive to go or deliver their items as some of the private rescues don't recieve as much help.


There are business grants available but i find that they are not available for a small lone person like myself since i want to make lovely items all poorly animals. I use a combination of waterproof and fleece so it is cosy next to skin. For animals with skin allergies i like to offer jersey cotton as its 100% cotton therfore allergy free. 

I think if people could see how many small rescue centers need the support from people like me but they are so far away its difficult. Some of the animals have become immobile through their injuries, the owners are not able to take them far which means i would need to go to them. I have included some information about me and my start up online shop where all funds would be reserved for use of this venture which i've been trying to get off the ground for a few months.