by Munashe Chirisa in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


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For a Southern African festival to share and promote the culture and integrate it with local British culture through food, music and games.

by Munashe Chirisa in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

MADE IN ZWE Festival is a showcase of Zimbabwean culture through music, traditional games, fashion, food, and dialogue. The primary objective is to expose young Zimbabweans that largely grew up in the UK, to Zimbabwean culture. We identified that there is a considerable number of young Zimbabweans that don’t attend the staple Zimbabwean musical event/concert because they don’t exactly relate to the culture and the music, and we aim to bridge that cultural disconnect. Another one of our aim is to bring on and introduce young Zimbabwean artists who have found success on an international level, but are still to be exposed to the young Zimbabwean audience. The line up of 8 acts will include SHINGAI, front woman from the NOISETTES, KWAYE, THABO, and RUE, just to name a few. Accompanying them will be a live band. The Festival is also open to anyone of any nationality, including the local community, who we want to teach, and share our some of culture with. The activities on offer will be largely interactive, in the form of Zimbabwean childhood games, and we will be running mini tournaments (best description of games to be incorporated is they are the African version of dodgeball, Foot- rounders, hop-scotch, checkers and tag).

The festival will be designed to create a sense of nostalgia, with structural features such as a ’tuck shop’ in the style of the ones back home. There will be a chat show where people can join in on the discussions around topical issues that affect young Zimbabweans and those living around them in an effort to achieve some cultural integration. A skill share segment will also be incorporated  and ran by industry professionals in different fields such as hair styling, make-up, and mixology. There will be service of Zimbabwean cuisine, such as sadza and meat, as well as traditional dishes that many people wouldn’t be able to come across regularly, like dried mopani worms, sorghum sadza and cow-foot. Along with live performances, there will be a line up of 5 dj’s, who will be playing music between segments and later in the night. 

MADEINZWE as a brand accepts and thrives to exercise our social responsibility. If we generate a profit of more than £2,000, a percentage will go to our charity partners, Creating Better Futures, in support of young children struggling to get into school in poverty stricken parts of Zimbabwe. CBF are our official charity and they do great work in Zimbabwe. Previous project we have worked on include a charity single, which was the biggest collaborative project done by Zimbabwean musicians and artists, and participation in the Reading half marathon.

Measurable short term goals:

  • Sell 150 online tickets by the end of June
  • Have 350+ people in attendance 
  • Get at least 3 sponsoring partners

Target Audience

  • 18 - 30 year olds of Zimbabwean descent,  born and raised in the UK, particularly the midlands. This is the group of Zimbabweans that feel a detachment from Zimbabwean culture because they may not have fully experienced it and never been immersed in it. Most Likely to identify with music by our headliners.
  • 18 - 30 year old Zimbabweans who migrated when they were young. They have experienced the culture, and the nostalgic element of the festival will be most appealing to them. They also happen to be the most active group at typical Zimbabwean events. 
  • 18 - 30 year olds who are local to the midlands. The locals in Birmingham and the midlands that coexist with the ever-growing Southern African migrant population in that area that may very well take an interest in the culture. 
  • 18 - 30 year old creatives that want access to other Zimbabwean creatives and audiences. We want to draw other artists and creatives to showcase their works, of Zimbabwean decent, that have not been exposed to young Zimbabwean audiences but have been operating in different markets.
  • 18 - 30 year old Multi-racial Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is pretty diverse but this is rarely reflected at most Zimbabwean events in the UK, particularly music events. We want to target Zimbabweans of different racial backgrounds by delivering a line up that appeals to everyone and stands out from the usual genres and acts we have had in recent years coming to the Uk from Zimbabwe to perform.

The core team comprises of KUDA RUZANE, who is the founder and creative director of MADEINZWE. He holds a degree in Audio Production and Artist Management. KUDA  has extensive experience in social media marketing, web design, site optimisation, music production, and music distribution. His first foray into events was the sold out ‘NYE’s All Black Party’, held in Romford, which garnered rave reviews together with TENDAI MUCHERI, who is also part of the core team. He holds a degree in live sound production, and has in depth experience in sales and marketing, and sound engineering. MUNASHE  CHIRISA, the co-founder of MADEINZWE, holds a degree in Performance Art in Film, Stage, and Television. He is an actor, and one of the hottest Zimbabwean comedians home and abroad, with an ever growing social media following. He is a viral content producer with over 3 millions views on facebook alone, and he has produced and continues to produce promotional content for other brands and organisations. MELUSI, the fourth member of the team, is the founder of brand Jettsrim, and is the most experienced one in event organisation, as he runs and promotes the GrillYard bi-monthly functions and was a founding member of AfroKings. LYNETTE holds a degree in musical theatre, she is a music producer, director, production manager, and project manager. She has vast experience in project planning and management, and has worked on video productions with industry names such as Chipmunk, Wizkid, Fuse ODG, and Tinchy Stryder. Our biggest stength is the human capital have access to through previous collaborations, and strong social media visibility and following. 

Marketing will rely largely on social media because that is the brands strength. Primarily, viral content will be produced on a bi-weekly basis, with a variety of collaborations between MUNASHE and other content creators on the promotional team, such as JOAB MAGARA. A strong design for posters, flyers and animated flyers has already caught the attention of many. All content produced will be converted into sponsored ads, and populated onto social media timelines beyond our own by specific social influencers in order to keep reaching new audiences. Collaborations and partnerships with pages like ‘Lets Enjoy Zimbabwe’ and ‘Zimbabweans_be_like’ (with a 200k following) have already been established.


  • 5-10min scheduled ‘MADE IN ZWE FESTIVAL Presents:’ Instagram live interviews introducing all artists, DJs, influencers and team prior to them taking over MIZ Snapchat for the day; Interviews hosted by Munashe
  • Create and post custom ads on all artists, DJ’s, Influencers and team Instagram pages
  • Sponsored post of lead ad (term and reach as per budget)


  • Create and post custom ads on all artist, DJ, Influencer and team Facebook pages
  • Sponsored post of lead ad (term and reach as per budget)
  • 3 photo/video flyer ads a month on Let’s Enjoy Zimbabwe


  • Weekly crosspost lead campaign video on all available artist, DJ and team Twitter pages
  • Kuda to host @CurateZim for a week
  • Munashe to host @CurateBYO the following week
  • Sponsored Tweet of lead ad (term and reach as per on budget)


  • Following a scheduled 5-10min ‘MADE IN ZWE FESTIVAL presents:’ interview on IG, all artists, DJs, will be kindly asked to take over MIZ on Snapchat for the day with circa up to 2K views per snap
  • Design and submit custom Snapchat filter ad (from flyer) on festival day
  • Submit Snapchat filter/flyer ad at OTHER relevant events leading up to the festival
  • Munashe host ZimToTheWorld & ZimUSACan Snapchat accounts


  • Weekly posts of custom video AND flyer ads on all artist, DJ Influencer and team pages


  • Create and temporarily post custom video ads on all artist, DJ and influencer YouTube channels


  • Announce the MADE IN ZWE single official music video release and MADE IN ZWE FESTIVAL in email campaign to MADE IN ZWEs 9,000+ subscribers


  • Press coverage by BBC AFRICA
  • Birmingham Local paper
  • All major Zimbabwean publications, such as the Herald, New Zimbabwe, Nehanda radio etc
  • Appearance on BEN television

Operational Plans

To cover some of the operational tasks, we partnered with LEVEL8 entertainment, on project based relationship. They will be carrying out all tasks regarding sound. This includes the stage rig, backlighting, music and sound equipment, and they will provide rehearsal space and sound engineering for the artists performing live. 

Event Organisers - Kuda Ruzane & Munashe ChirisaEvent Safety Co-ordinator - Fadzayi MandeyaProgramme and content - Munashe ChirisaBudget - Tendai MucheriPromotion - MADE IN ZWEPersonnel and staffing - LynetteAdministration - Natasha Mafu and RuthTechnical - Level 8 entertainmentServices - Sean ChamunorwaCatering and social - Thulani Mavaranyika

Fundraising and Areas of Profit

  • Personal Investment
  • Arts Council Grant (to be confirmed)
  • Sponsoring partners (to be confirmed)
  • Charging organisations for having a stall at the event.
  • Charging a higher fee for commercial traders’ stalls.
  • Charging a concession fee for sellers of alcohol, food, etc.
  • Ticket sales.
  • Entry fees.
  • Bucketing - for our charity partners
  • Selling T-shirts, and MADEINZWE pendants via the MADEINZWE website
  • Running a bar if the venue permits

What We need to Operate the Entire Festival:

Practical and Infastructure

  • Stage rig - including band equipment and microphones)
  • Back lighting -  including lasers/ disco lights/Flood lights 
  • Marquees - One Large, and two small marquees)
  • Benches - 8
  • Chairs - 50
  • Hay bales
  • tables/stalls - 10 (brands provide themselves)
  • Barriers - 15
  • Generator - 1 
  • Sheds/small tents (cloak room, lost and found, first aid)  - 3
  • Tent for make-up area/green room - 1

Decor & Branding

  • Pull up Banners - 6
  • Big Banners for barriers, stage and Marquees - 5
  • Wooden Crates - 8
  • Stickers for plastic cups - 500
  • Table football - 2
  • Rubber wrist bands
  • Tuck Shop/Spazza Shop - 1 shed from B&Q to be re-purposed and a vendor will be allocated to stock and operate it
  • Bunting - 80 meters
  • Stickers for the tuck-shop and other surfaces like the table football and games area - 10
  • Media Wall/Step and Repeat/logo wall - 1
  • Posters - 10 (see references below) 

Sanitary Facilities 

  • Toilets - 12 porta-loos (3 for staff and performers) 
  • Waste Disposal and litter bins - 12
  • Bin Bags
  • Disposable towels - 30 rolls of blue roll
  • Hand Sanitisers - 15 bottles 
  • Water access point (urns/tanks) - 3

Games And Activities 

  • Designated area for games like Dodgball and foot rounders (area at least the size of a tennis court if space permits)
  • Tables for Nhodo, cards, and board games - 4
  • Plastic Balls - 6
  • Skipping Rope - 3 extra long ones
  • Tape for marking off fields - 4 rolls
  • Checkers boards (including pieces) - 4 
  • Bibs - 20 (5 different colours)

Services and Food

(an external caterer will be tasked with the food so requirements will depend on them)

  • Braai area and stands - 4 half cut drum size
  • Tables for payments and service - 2 table and a card reader
  • Food Stall with traditional cuisine - 1
  • Entry area and box office - 1 table and a card reader

Media and Publicity

  • Photographers - 3
  • Videographers - 3
  • Vloggers, bloggers and You Tubers with influence 

The Overall Picture

In summation, the given that everything has been acquired, the programme would resemble the one below: 

  • ZWE GAMES (3 - 4pm)
  • Maflawu (dodge ball), skip skip (jump rope), Raka- raka (foot rounders), slug (table football) Hwishu (wish you).
  • A live YouTube tutorial style hair and beauty masterclass by Sophiesticated Hair and Make Up By MissEvelyn. Working with 1 or 2 models to create and showcase a look with tips and tricks.
  • A live episode of the YouTube chat show NDEBELES CONNECT. Including a special guest panel making room for wider conversation within social and cultural topics amongst young people.
  • Supporting acts THABO, HARD WEST MUSIC, WAMAMBO, KAZZ (Mr Boomslang), Xolani ‘X-O’ Nqo, RUE, BLACKDIAMONDS*, ICEY STANLEY*, XAVIER and introducing MUNASHE.
  • DJ CLIVERSON (9 - 9:30pm)
  • SHINGAI - (9:30 till 10:30pm)
  • MADE IN ZWE presents headlining act, legendary Noisettes front woman and Afrofuristic Zimbabwean Queen; SHINGAI - featuring live band Level 8. A memorising performer, dubbed as being at the vanguard of a new era of pop with live instruments and future forward melodies and rhythms inspired by her Southern African heritage. Her debut solo single Coming Home sees the fusion of catchy pop, and Zimbabwean music. “Coming Home is my klaxon call for the diaspora to reunite with those at home and build a bridge of hope”.
  • Closing Prayer
  • DJ SBT (10:30 - Late)

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