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To secure the future of our community kitchen & cookery school so we can help more people gain skills to lead healthier happier lives

by Sarah Bentley in London, England, United Kingdom

"Made In Hackney has changed my life. I was a type 2 diabetic and now, thanks to the changes I've made to my diet after attending their programme, I no longer take any insulin. I've been so inspired I've started to earn money by cooking for other people and I'm now developing a career in food. It doesn't get any better than this." Wiz, member of Zimbabwean Women's Association  and participant on Cooking For Life course. 

Made In Hackney is an award winning community kitchen and cookery school.

Since launching in 2012 we have helped 7,000 Londoners gain the vital food skills to lead healthier, happier lives. We're crowdfunding to continue to grow our project and our first goal is to ensure we can help another 10,000 people over the next five years attend our life changing cookery and food growing courses.

We are honoured to support and work with a diverse range of community groups such as young people leaving care, long term unemployed, low income families, recovering addicts, people with long term health challenges (visual/hearing impaired, diabetes patients, stroke survivors), people with learning difficulties, ethnic minority and cultural groups - and many more wonderful people who make up the Made In Hackney family. 


Our Mission

Made in Hackney aims to:

Tackle spiraling rates of lifestyle related diseases e.g. diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more

Address health inequalities so the poorest, most disadvantaged are not disproportionately affected by the above illnesses

Inspire people to make climate friendly, ethical food choices by introducing them to recipes that use local, seasonal, organic, plant-based ingredients  

Give people the skills, experience and knowledge to improve their employability prospects through accredited and enterprise based training and meaningful volunteering opportunities

Enhance and bring together economically and culturally disparate communities

What We Do

- We offer a range of free and pay-by-donation cookery and food growing classes in a range of themes such as Feed 4 for £3, Fifteen Minute Meals, International Cuisine, Cooking For Life, Healthy Baking, Authentic Indian, Preserving, Wild Food, Bread Making, Urban Food Growing, Gluten-Free Baking and Fermentation

- We offer business enterprise courses for food start ups such as Street Food Enterprise and Making To Sell

- We offer a meaningful volunteer programme designed to enhance career prospects including accredited training, coaching and on the job experience - with many volunteers going on to secure jobs in the charity, voluntary and sustainable food sector after working with us

Read our inspiring volunteer case studies here


Our Impact

We know our approach and programme works.  Our 2017 statistics told us: 

93% of participants said our programme helped them feel more connected to their local community

98% of participants said our programme encouraged them to eat more healthily

96% of participants said they ate more fruit and vegetable

93% of participants said they now ate less processed food

100% participants said our programme inspired them to cook from scratch

91% participants said they have the skills to grow herbs and salads

What People Say About Us

"I only signed up to impress a girl I wanted to cook for. I haven't been down the chicken shop in three months. What have you done to me? I'm a changed man." Glen, International Cuisine course participant 

"I attended the Making To Sell course because I wanted to get started with a cashew cheese business. That was three years ago and I'm just about to start manufacturing the product - the first of it's kind in the UK." Lydia, founder of Gozo Delhi and Making to Sell course participant

"I was a project apprentice at Made In Hackney. It gave me invaluable experience, without 

which I would never have got my existing job." Rory, project apprentice 

"I attended the Cooking For Life course at a children centre with my two year old son. We learnt so much. I've started to cook at home - which I've never done before and it's improved my relationship with my wife. We've signed up to a veg box scheme and we're growing trays of salad on our patio. What a change." Rashid, Cooking For Life course participant 

"Before I attended the Made In Hackney programme I used to waddle like a duck - but now I run like a cheetah. Yes, I've lost that much weight." Roseanah, participant on Seed To Plate course

What We'll Do With The Funding

We've seen the amazing impact our work can have. Your donations will ensure we can keep delivering our hands on practical plant-based cookery courses into the future for many more thousands of people.  

Groups we will work with include: 

- Care leavers to prepare them to cook their own meals as they enter independent living

- Low income families so they have the skills to prepare healthy, affordable food - together- People who have suffered major health incidents such a strokes, loss of sight and hearing to get back into the kitchen

Beyond Fundraising

We're also doing everything we can to develop services and products so we're less reliant on grants and donations in years to come. We're developing (and running) successful team building days and a popular masterclass programme in plant-based food skills. Class themes we offer include Raw Desserts, Life Beyond Cheese,  Sourdough Bread, Live Cultures & Ferments, Healthy Baking, Plant-Powered Fitness and more. With these classes we are helping to shift food trends and eating habits to one's that are both good for people and planet - whilst raising revenue to fund our charitable work.


Let's make 'Made in Hackney' happen

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