Madagascar Expedition 2017 - Aimee Taylor

Madagascar Expedition 2017 - Aimee Taylor

Hello,I'm Aimee and I am embarking on a 3 week expedition to Madagascar where I will be helping a local project called Momo’s Water Project

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Aimee and I am embarking on a 3 week expedition to Madagascar in July 2017. During the expedition we will be taking on physical challenges and will also spend time contributing to a local community/environmental project. The expedition has been designed to develop us as participants, as young adults, improving key skills such as communication, problem solving and leadership as well as teaching us how to travel safely and also to have an in depth understanding of other cultures.

The local project that we will be helping with is called Momo’s Water project, Isalo National Park.  This project is run solely by a man call Mamo and is helped by locals.  The project’s aim is to supply a small rural Bara village with water.  This will greatly improve the villagers’ living conditions.  In order to bring clean water to the community, pipes will need laying for several miles from a water source within the national park to the village itself. During the project, we will be based in the village, giving us the opportunity to experience village culture and way of life.  There is a significant amount of manual work required for this project to succeed and we are definitely up for the challenge.  Having an opportunity to bring to the village something we take for granted will be a really fulfilling and life changing experience.   It was heartbreaking to see some of the conditions the families live under and the distances they have to travel to fetch water.

Sadly, this expedition is not free and the project is charitable.  It is reliant on donations and the expedition team are responsible for raising the funds to get to Madagascar and to cover their living costs whilst in country as well as contributing to the project.   

I have already completed some great fundraising events to reach the £3495 total (per particiapnt) and these will continue over the next 12 months.  This can, at times, be very challenging which is why I have decided to set up a crowd funding project to help boost the fundraising. I am a full time students studying for 4 A Levels at the same time as completing this fundraising.  

If you require any further information or confirmation of my involvement please feel free to contact the Link teacher at The Streetly Academy, Miss Jenny Devereux on 0121 353 2709 or visit .