MACS - Mental Anxiety Carers Society

by Katrina Green in Paignton, England, United Kingdom

MACS - Mental Anxiety Carers Society
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A safe place for paid/unpaid carers that suffer with mental health to meet to support each other. A centre for free Heatlh clinics/training.

by Katrina Green in Paignton, England, United Kingdom

My name is Katrina Green, my background since the age of 14 has been in the care sector. I have been a healthcare visionary all of my adult life and was the youngest registered manager in England at 21. 

I am a strong believer that care really did find me, and I have an overwhelming passion to give back and to remodel the delivery of care and support within the Southwest. 

With my vision in mind I chair a local care network meeting where we have over 350 members and at least 140 of those members meet with me every 3 months to share, thrive, inspire, create and learn.

I am the Director of a large care agency that is located in Paignton but operates within Torbay and South hams which employs 100 staff and looks after 250 vulnerable adults. 

I am so fortunate to have the most compassionate, outstanding, understanding and amazing workforce in place and it is them who have inspired me and my sister to reach out for support with the not for profit project MACS cafe (Mental Anxiety Carers Society) & Wellbeing Centre .

My sister Sarah Robertson has suffered with depression and severe anxiety since a young age. Sarah approached me and said "I want to help people in my situation but where do I start? I just want to help others". This astounded me that a person that struggles to get out of bed each day is standing in front of me saying that she is motivated to help others over herself.  

We sat down and came up with the idea of MACS and an online support group via social media. Within 2 weeks of setting up this support page Sarah has over 350 followers with a variety of UK, American, Australian and Canadian followers. Sarah is speaking to ALL of my work force that has or is currently suffering from mental health and this platform is proving to be a real benefit to all. Sarah is progressing well on her path to healing due to her ongoing support and sharing of stories with others. 

We have decided to reach out to the community for a bid to raise money to open a local MACS Centre with a view of obtaining registered charity status. We are looking for support for the set up costs and funding for the first 12 months, we then plan to ensure the centre is self sustainable after this time. 


We have a large retail unit situated in Preston, Paignton, Devon. This unit has been empty for sometime and is located 5 doors down from one of the largest GP surgeries in Torbay. Within the GP surgery they have the DAS centre which is an appointment only clinic for those who wish to self refer for depression and anxiety. Our vision is to convert this unit into a multi use premise to offer a range of services to different communities. 

The premises will encompass the following:-

1. Wellbeing cafe - This cafe will be open to paid and unpaid carers, community support networks and volunteers as a safe place to come for support. We will also be looking to provide a service for pre-paid coffees and food for the homeless. We will encourage carers that have or are currently suffering with mental health issues to meet to form social support networks. 

2.Training room - We will facilitate training courses for the disabled, unpaid carers and volunteers for FREE to help support them within their community roles. When this room is not being used we will look to charge room hire costs to assist with running costs. 

3. Health Clinic (variety of services) - We wish to run a dementia cafe, pain cafe, diabetes cafe and well being cafes. We will be looking to work in close partnership with local GPs and the voluntary sectors to facilitate those clinics that are most in demand. 

4. Office Space- These will be rented to local businesses to assist with the running and upkeep of the facilities. 

The money we raise will be for the refurbishment of the premises and the running costs for the first 12 months, in that time our services will grow to financially sustain the centre.

Thank you for taking the time to read our vision. If you believe in our dream and wish to help others in need then please donate to our community project.

Let's make 'MACS - Mental Anxiety Carers Society' happen