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by Robert Ball in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Shakespeare’s play is a perennial favourite with themes that seem to excite us: power, ambition , murder. And right now is the perfect time to re-examine these. We’re living in a world, trendily described as the post-truth age where ambition appears, at least, to be driving people to extreme behaviour the like of which I’ve not seen before. If not actual murder, certainly attempts at character assassination in pursuit of power.

Let’s just think about that term ‘post-truth’. If Macbeth isn’t THE play dealing with equivocation, I don’t know which is.

Our version is contemporary in setting and fast-paced. Just 90 minutes long, with six actors sharing the roles. It will be a faithful re-telling of Shakespeare’s text, but with plenty to make its audience think about. It’ll be lively and, as we expect many people in the audience will be seeing Shakespeare live for the first time, it’ll be exciting, perhaps just a bit scary, and a great introduction to the works of the greatest ever playwright.


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