MA Creative Arts Therapy Fund

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MA Creative Arts Therapy Fund

Help me complete my MA in Creative Arts Therapy... Once qualified I pledge to 'give back' by working with those most in need for free!

We did it!

On 26th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £70 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Creative Arts Therapy allows people to work through various problems by drawing on their inner creative resources & reflecting on their personal issues. By allowing the person to engage in the arts in a safe, contained space & to have free expression within that space it is possible to achieve psychological change & greater understanding. "A picture says 1000 words" and the power of the arts can be transformational.

The UK has a number of sectors where this work would be useful, yet a shortage of qualified therapists & even less funding for training. I have already completed the first year of the programme but need to study for a further 3 years. The course tutition fees alone are £20,000 on top of which every student is required to attend weekly therapy sessions (minimum 40 per year) at a cost of £50-£75 per session (£6000 - £9000 over the 3 years) As a therapy student you must also pay for supervision and in addition, the regular costs of being a student in terms of books etc.

I am passionate about the arts and the impact that can be achieved by using the arts in therapeutic settings. I hope that you will help me to make a difference by making a donation and support me on my journey to support others.

Many thanks


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