Choices Educational Tool-Kit

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To create an educational tool kit that will be used along side programmes to educate young people about their choices and the consequences.

by Jigsaw-gc GET CONNECTED in London, England, United Kingdom

About us- 

Jigsaw is a charitable organisation developed in early 2019 in response to the number of high-risk situations involving young people, evidenced through the violence, lack of care and the increase in youth crime and delinquency developing in our communities.

Jigsaw’s philosophy is solution orientated, incorporating a holistic approach to address the needs of young people through authenticity, effective and early Intervention. Our goal is to build resilience in young people and those that work with them, through supporting positive choices, improving critical thinking skills, providing healthy, stable and supportive frameworks whether in the home or school environments. We work and engage with and through local partners who have a mandated role to provide support and services to young people. These partners include local police forces, local councils, health practitioners, social workers, teachers as well as youth workers and voluntary organisations. We work on the ethos that we all need to work together, be accountable in order to help identify and tackle these issues we see arising within our communities.

Our team-

We have extensive experience working with young people from all different backgrounds with a wide range of expertise and are specialists within a variety of fields; Safe guarding officer’s, Parent support facilitators, Youth therapists, counsellors, multi-sport coaches, youth workers, and teachers. The majority of our staff currently work in mainstream schools, pupil referral units and Community groups / third sector agencies.

Our Idea-

We want to create a choices interactive educational tool is an important educational resource that we aim to develop further to use in addition with the variety of workshops to help educate young people in a fun, visual and interactive way. It is interactive short film that allows the participant to drive their story it also creates real life situations that participant has to decide/make a choice on what happens next via interactive options. The Branching method used within the interactive video let’s users embark on their very own personalised journey, allowing them to explore and make a range of different types of choices. It lends itself particularly well to narrative and storytelling, our actions and consequences. We will also be giving young people the opportunities of designing and working on this project developing new skills sets and experiences.


Our Vision-

By developing cognitive skills, increasing abilities to make informed choices, pursue healthier life choices to avoid or minimize serious risks in social situations in order to create a cascading effect which will improve young people’s social and economic opportunities.

Our overarching shared value is to be the example we wish to see in the world and our team share a mutual willingness to be authentic and live their values, set healthy boundaries, stay true to themselves, and share their stories.

The money raised will be used to create the the interactive educational Tool-kit covering the cost of filming and production and editing.

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