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Production and promotion of my next literary venture, due early 2015.

We did it!

On 30th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £1,050 of £1,000 target with 20 supporters in 28 days

I am currently writing my second novel which I expect to be completed and edited early in 2015. I gained a loyal audience for my initial novel and my other work is well received by readers and reviewers alike, however this book is a new direction for me and was inspired by Mark Haddon's book 'The Red House', an intriguing look at the family unit. My story deals with an elderly gentleman who wakes next to his partner who has passed during the night and follows his journey as he learns to cope with her departure, a process that leads to him kidnapping her to allow him to spend an extra few hours in her company.

About me

I have been writing since 2005 when I produced my first collection of poetry. It was a challenge for me to accomplish a complete compilation and I was keen to publish my work as I felt it appealed to poetry fans and those not into poetry alike. Having a family meant that I wasn't willing to risk anything financially and so I produced the books myself, sewing the pages together and selling them from my premises. This eventually gave me a starter sum to establish Lyvit Publishing and I was able to use my new found skills to help other authors with their journeys.

Over the past decade I have taken on and published the work of seven different authors as well as working with several others on their own publishing journeys. In this time I have also worked with schools, giving my time and experience for the sake of my portfolio. My initial funding has allowed me to produce a new book every year but has not been enough for me to promote my work, hence I have been busy with social media promotion.

What is your idea?

After I have written my book I need to have it professionally proofread and designed. Although I have experience in formatting, the overall look of the book when it is on a shelf is something that cannot be overlooked and I have sourced an excellent artist to produce the cover artwork. I also have a professional proofreader in place as, regardless of how good any author is, mistakes are easily missed by someone close to the work.

Once my books are printed and published I will send them out to reviewers, bloggers and the media to create interest in our work. This can be a slow process but I have gained a number of contacts through the years and hope this experience will be helpful in getting my book reviewed effectively.

My bestselling book to date

Why am I crowdfunding?

I regularly host a weekly radio show on Penwith Radio, a station who themselves have benefitted from     crowdfunding to allow them to install an FM transmitter. This inspired me to use the same method as it   allows me to reach a wider audience and to get copies of my books to reviewers who may be able to       improve my reputation in the literary community. I have a lot of fun writing and it has been a fantastic     hobby, though I feel my new novel is the best example of my work to date and deserves a wider   audience.

I am using crowdfunding to allow me to pay both my proofreader and artist and to cover printing costs. Once the book is produced I will use the leftover funds for advertising in local press and to get review copies out to the right people. With publishing being a very competitive market it is vital that I have funds to create awareness of my work and crowdfunding allows me to do this whilst rewarding my supporters at the same time.


In the past I have received praise for my work from comedians such as Al Murray and Robin Ince, although I rely on the feedback of my regular readers before starting a new project to ensure what I am writing is worthwhile and will entertain an audience. I am enthusiastic about books and publishing as my work to date has given me the confidence to build up a company and bookshelf that I am proud of.

My first novel, Banned.


I have tried to include rewards at all levels as I know that when I am supporting a project my own income may be vastly different at different points. All supporters will receive a thank you on the Lyvit news web page and those supporting at a higher level will receive copies of my previous work, either my bestselling book 'Kama Slumber' or my first novel, 'Banned'.

Those keen to catch up with everything I've produced to date can opt for the back catalogue of my books, which also includes an invitation to the launch party. I can confirm there will be cake at the launch party.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of Lyvit Publishing and I look forward to celebrating in the best possible way; producing another story worthy of my readers' imaginations.

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