Lyrically Justified volume 2

by Urban Word Collective in England

Lyrically Justified volume 2
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Please help fund an exciting new collection of urban poetry. This fresh platform will be relevant, culturally vibrant and positive.

by Urban Word Collective in England


Lyrically Justified (volume 2) is an urban poetry anthology (for print and online) supporting emerging talent, with contributors from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds. It will serve to amplify the unique and generational voices of writers rooted in communities across the UK. While distinctive in style and perspective many are the Dylans of the world, their words unique and educational, often streetwise. These writers are also rappers, singers and spoken word artists. Exploring a wide range of social, political and domestic issues through written words readers will gain a deeper understanding of what is being conveyed.

Based on volume 1, the project will provide a new opportunity for under-exposed new voices to be published. With scope for mutual promotion they'll be sharing audiences through existing links, potentially reaching thousands of new readers, with new networking opportunities across the country, with the creative buzz that comes with working with other passionate artists.

BBC Hull and Bristol, as well as various other Radio Stations around the Nation have and will be supporting the project, helping to create a media presence. 

Help us to stimulate positive social change.

Your donation would give voices of this generation a well-earned extra boost as all are active (in helping others) in their communities. Some are independent, others are linked to Freedom Project, Leeds Young Authors, and Young Identity (Manchester). Beyond publication the contributors continue networking to promote the cause.

Help us make an impact.

While being published and partly sponsored by Arkbound, crowd funding will go towards boosting the overall potential by guaranteeing a high quality finished product, and producing further promotional opportunities.

Current (non-financial) Partners/Supporters include;

Urban Word Collective, Workaway, Arkbound Publishing, Full Flava (Hull), Ujima Radio (Bristol), Fresh FM (Leeds), OPAL, Freedom Project, Leeds Young Authors, Commonword and Young Identity (Manchester), The Voice Newspaper, Bristol Cable associates, DMAC UK, and countless other Social Media associates.


It was all a dream that came to me a couple of years back. "And why not give it a go," I reckoned. I was a Rapper, performed Spoken Word and wrote songs who also wrote poems using my own distinct voice that would resonate with people of my world - my UK perspectives. There were others like me who I invited to consider submitting to a new and innovative anthology. That dream was realised last year when Arkbound said "Yes - Sounds great - Let's do this!" The title of the book came from a long standing Leeds open mic night created by Saiqa Rehman and Harry Lotta.

Previous contributors' said;

"Encouraged me to express myself," KayB  (Bristol)

"A really good boost for me," Saiqa Rehman (Leeds)

"Give's an opportunity to aspiring poets to publish - Just Brilliant!" Nadinne Dyen (Bristol)

"Proud to be part of this excellent collection." Edson Burton (Bristol)

The image shows only a selection of writers from volume 1, which in fact included all shades of contributors. 

Volume 2 will add to a growing community of unconventional writers, a platform for new, representative voices calling for positive change.  With so many more amazing talents around, with poetry to share in their own and convincing ways, it just made sense to venture out a second time.  Volume 1 was a foretaste of the immense potential still waiting to be unleashed. The new book will feature performer/writers such as Muneera Williams & Sukina Owen Douglass (aka Hip Hop Hijabis);

Others include; Miles Chambers, Caroline Smiley, Meshach Brencher, Zodwa Nyoni, Solomon OB, Lauren Living Harrison, and host of others, some of whom need a little extra help and will receive a free batch of books to help keep them going, some of whom incredibly lack investment.


While there are various Rewards for different donated amounts it should be clear that all helpers deserve appreciation equally. Thanks for your interest and any support you can afford.  

How funds will be spent?

* Co-ordination and Administration

* Arkbound Publishing, adding to a wealth of free services

* Cover design

* Printed Books for writers and funders, and postage around the UK

* Publicity including posters, banner, business cards and website development

* Professional online promotions


Proceeds due from all online and bookshop sales (via the Publisher) will be devided between 25-30 Artists/Contributors, the Compiler, Arkbound Publishing and a charity with Leeds Young Authors receiving 5

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, about anything, anytime... Every little helps and we're in this together.

Many thanks for your interest and any support you can afford - Urban Word Collective


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A big Thanks and mention in the book, with 25% discount and free delivery and in the UK of any number of books bought from Arkbound. Be a part of progressive change for all.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A personal Big Thanks and acknowledgement (in the book) with a limited first edition of the Anthology (delivered free in the UK). Be a part of progressive change for all.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A personal Big Thanks and acknowledgement (in the book) and two limited print editions delivered free anywhere in the UK. You can opt for 1 x Volume 1 and Volume 2. You are helping to get the writers promoting and selling.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

A personal Big Thanks and acknowledgement (in the book) with 3 books delivered free to one or various addresses in the UK, including 1 x Volume 1 collection if you choose. And a say in how we use excess funds to help others. You are helping to get the writers promoting and selling.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

A personal Big Thanks and acknowledgement (in the book), 5 books (delivered free to various addresses) for any purpose (or donate them for community access etc). Includes 1 or 2 x volume 1 collection if you choose. And if you choose have a say in how excess funds are used. And write a comment which will be considered for addition to the book.

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