Lynnie Carson - Album Recording

Lynnie Carson - Album Recording

Crowd-funding to raise money towards the costs of recording a new album. Hoping for 50 backers pledging £20 each to hit the target.

We did it!

On 19th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £2,120 of £1,000 target with 74 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

The gift of any funding will greatly help my project as, so far, it is completely self-funded. Any extra money that is raised will be used to press more CD's and possibly record more material depending on the amount.

Should I greatly exceed my target I would be able to use the extra budget to manufacture a small batch of vinyl records. These are highly sought after at gigs due to the current vinyl renaissance that the music industry has seen and would elevate my career to a new height.

Depending on how much more I go over the target set I would also be able to invest more in the marketing of the album and perhaps buy onto a tour with a well-known artist.


Hello and welcome to my Crowdfunder page.

All my life I've wanted to go on safari so what better way to make that happen than to ask my family and friends to give me the money to do it?! Only kidding...

As you will (hopefully) know I am trying to raise at least £1k towards the costs of recording my new album. This will take in everything from paying the musicians, hiring the studio & engineers to manufacturing & promoting the album. To be honest I always feels a bit funny asking people to donate their hard earned cash to a project like this but since my last release in 2013 many of you have asked when my next album will be out so, hopefully with your help, that will be in the not too distant future.


The Album


The songs that will make up part 1 of the album Love, loss & everything in between came out of a tumultuous period in my life.  What happened you ask? Well, in short, life happened. Everyone has a story to tell, no one goes unscathed while we're on this planet and this set of songs looks at a few pivotal events that have occured in my recent past. Most notably, my wife's brush with early stage Breast Cancer followed by the death of a school friend whom I had lost touch with.

What ensued were feelings of disillusionment, hopelessness & guilt. The songs themselves slowly started to emerge throughout this period and proved themselves to be a collective that should be recorded together.

Since early 2016 I have been recording demos of the songs in my home studio, all the whilst squirrelling gig money away to help pay for the recording costs. I have assembled a band which includes the most talented & experienced musicians I have worked with on my own material.  

I believe these are the most mature songs I have written to date and they are definitely the most personal so I want to record the best versions of them that I can. I have tried to raise all of the money myself but as the deadline approaches it's clear I need to try and get some help with funding. So here we are.

If you are reading this, it may well be that you have decided to join me/us on the journey of bringing these songs to life and I thank you for that. As a full time musician it is sometimes disheartening that I make a living from performing other people's songs, so to have such a loyal & lovely fanbase willing to contribute is truly amazing. I can't wait to let you hear the results.


Band Members


  • John McLelland  - Drums 
  • Eric Lindsay - Guitar
  • Craig Douglas - Bass Guitar
  • John Milne - Trombone  & Brass Arrangement
  • Robbie Noble - Piano & Keyboard


Influences/Musical References


  • Neil Young - Harvest
  • Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean
  • The War On Drugs - Lost In A Dream
  • Joni Mitchell - Blue
  • First aid kit - Stay Gold
  • John Grant - Queen Of Denmark


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