Lyn in Bloom 2021

by Jason Broughton in Lynton, England, United Kingdom

Lyn in Bloom 2021


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This project will only be funded if at least £500 is pledged by 10th May 2021 at 10:31am

After the darkness of the pandemic we want Lynton & Lynmouth to bloom with beautiful flowers for the wellbeing of our visitors & community.

by Jason Broughton in Lynton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would like to bring Lynton & Lynmouth back to its glory days, when it was a multi-award winning Britain in Bloom contestant.  Our gorgeous coastal towns were once the envy of our surrounding towns.  

We would like to bring back that beauty and prestige, so the more we raise, the more planters, troughs, baskets and watering systems we can install.

To shine a light on our sense of optimism and banish the darkness of the Pandemic, Lyn in Bloom would like to fill our villages with flowers again. Welcoming back visitors and gladdening the hearts of locals too.  

Please can you help us make our beautiful villages vibrant with colour and good cheer this season?

In this area, we rely very heavily on our visitors to bring money into our community, by staying in our hotels and guesthouses, eating in our restaurants and buying from our shops. Most of the jobs in the area are directly related to tourism, in one way or another. 

If you arrive in a town or village and you see beautiful containers and hanging baskets full of brightly coloured flowers on buildings, in car parks and along streets – then you know it is somewhere, which is well cared for, where people care about the area and really love it.  It gives a feeling of wellbeing and happiness, people feel comfortable and safe and this in turn makes them want to stay.

We are lucky to live in a beautiful place, with amazing woodland, moors, rivers and coastline and this brings people to us in their droves.  However, if we want them to stay here and to return year after year, we need to do that little bit more to make our villages seem more appealing than anywhere they visit.

However, it is not just about our visitors, making our villages look amazing is great for everyone who lives here too.  The baskets and containers really lift the spirits and make people smile – that has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?

The beautiful floral displays, which Lynton and Lynmouth were very famous for, over the years have become smaller, with less done each year – due mainly to lack of funding. These displays need to be continued and if possible returned to the scale of years gone by.

The Campaign Team behind Lyn In Bloom are; Suzette Hibbert, Rebecca Jackson, Jason Broughton, with incredible support from Gregg & Jacqui Ross at Lee House B&B.

Let's make 'Lyn in Bloom 2021' happen

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