Lymm Village Smashed Windows

by Henry Seddon in Lymm, England, United Kingdom

Lymm Village Smashed Windows
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our friend and local business owner Barbara Ogden is having to pay out £450 +VAT to repair her front Windows.

by Henry Seddon in Lymm, England, United Kingdom

If we all give a small donation then Barbara won't be feeling so bad on the turn into the new year. 

Please share and help support Barbara. 

I've supported Barbara Ogden and she is a lovely person who doesn't deserve this kinda bad luck. 

If more money is raised I'm sure my friend Councillor Anna Fradgley will find a charitable cause to donate the remaining if we smash the target. 

Let's make 'Lymm Village Smashed Windows' happen