Lyme disease fight
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am in need of financial help to make my fight with Lyme disease efficient as much as possible.

by Johnny Dybator in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

I suffer from Lyme disease.

I'm raising money to make my treatment efficien as much as possible.
"Everything" started in mid 2015. I couldn't work well.

Up to this time, end of 2018 I survived a "living h**l"...

I went from doctor to doctor, from hospital to hospital (I don't want to come back to think about this),

and "all" diagnosis was that I have a mental health problems. Then I found some lady, which healing people in alternative way and she suggested that I can be a Lyme disease. I went to exam for that, and yeah, she was right.

Beofre that time, mid 2015 I was very active, worked many hours sometimes, done a sports, I was on competitions in 3 different sports. I had a perfect health. At the moment I am struggling with many things like paying  bills, buying a food etc. From long time, I can't buy things which I always bought regularly like new clothes etc, but also and foremost I struggle to pay for my medical treatment and basic food sometimes.

Everything cause of that illness. My stamina went really down from 100% to 30 - 40 % efficiency, which makes working for my much difficult. I am on search of lighter job, not some much physically involved, but I need money urgent, to protect my health. I wasn't insured in anyway, even I did not manage to save money, cause I just started my "life carrer" and foremost I never, ever, ever thought that I will suffer from this kind of disease or some body disease, when I eaten healthy, done sports, been outisde much, didn't smoke etc.

Any donation will be appreciated. I will do my best to have a professional, paid treatment, and then come back to work as many hours as I will be able to work, but fist I want / need to focus on treatment.Johnny