Lying In The Arms Of Venus De Milo

An album of ten new songs - released through Revolver.

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £540 with 23 supporters in 28 days

 Hi Folks, 

We are The AK-Poets ( playing a mixture of original, high-octane rock'n'roll and delicate pop songs with that of a Beatles/folk induced persausion.  We've released an EP of five songs through a small indie label, while I have previously produced and released a further three albums through Revolver.

We are currently in the midst of recording a new album of ten, spanking new songs, called Lying In The Arms Of Venus De Milo - for which we need to raise £1.000 to complete. The backing tracks of bass and drums have already been recorded - it's now a case of recording the vocals, guitars, piano and then mixing amd producing.  

With a little help from our friends and fans, we'll hopefully raise what is a small amount in the big scheme of things (most big bands can spend up to a thousand pounds an hour....), and record another, TOPTASTIC album.

Might I just add that the amount you want to give can be anything you're happy & comfortable  with - regardless of how big or small.

Many thanks in advance from The AK-Poets,

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