Luxurious Glamoúr Cosmetics

by Samantha Martin in Northampton, England, United Kingdom


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Motivate and empower by enabling people with 'disabilities' the ability to independently do their makeup through Luxurious Glamoúr Cosmetics

by Samantha Martin in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

Luxurious Glamoúr was founded in my hospital bed which I was most certain was my death bed. If it wasn't for the year 2016 when my life drastically changed out of the blue; I would not have discovered my passion and obsession in beauty and birthed LG.                                                                                                                               Having encountered unfortunate multiple health diagnosis not to mention for someone who was once healthy and very active playing all sorts of sports to suddenly becoming a wheelchair user, I have become a huge advocate for inclusivity.

Inclusivity not only when I go out to restaurants and can't seem to get past the bathroom doors; not only when I go to a gym and have to bum shuffle my way in because of the flock of stairs and lack of elevators. Not only when I can't attend an event simply because the venue does not accommodate those without the use of their legs. Inclusivity not only when it comes to the outside world but also in makeup because Inclusivity = Independency.

Inclusivity in makeup allows those registered 'disabled' to feel abled and certainly not different. It maximises our independency. Not only when we have that red lipstick on helping us feel bold & powerful but also when we apply that red lipstick by ourselves. That feeling of ABLE, accomplishing something so natural as blending eyeshadow; that’s an achievement. Celebrating the small things. 

Health matters resulting in a traumatic experience can build a whole different perspective in one’s life as well as the loved ones. This can mean learning or re-learning to do certain things a particular way that is most suitable to you. 

I personally have had to re-learn and adjust my makeup application, this can be upsetting and distressing. A very small window for depression to kick in is very vivid but makeup often acts as a mood changer. Hence Luxurious Glamoúr Cosmetics is here to enable people with disabilities the ability to independently hold onto their joy in the midst of the circumstance by doing what they love or simply what makes them feel even more beautiful - MAKEUP!   

Luxurious Glamoúr Cosmetics aims to enable independency during makeup application to disabled people or rather people with various conditions that affect their physical bodies making them less independent. The inclusivity LG Cosmetics brings will also increase their ability & self esteem as not always when you need help is someone there. It's time to independently enjoy your me makeup time and not rely on people because with inclusivity comes ability & independency.


An escape route where you are not your condition, just a makeup addict.           

An alone therapeutic me time.                                                                   

Feeling ABLE for once. And maybe, just maybe I can do that other task I have in mind. (Pushing boundaries)

Fun to use


I'm Samantha; a go getter, ambitious, feel the fear and do it anyways 21 year old content creator who films videos in her bedroom. I endeavour to re-write my story and with your help 'the girl in the wheelchair' will not be an existing sentence people use to describe me. I would be happy with the girl who changed the beauty industry. 

I am also a motivational speaker and up coming author. 

Finances raised will be used to purchase a patent in order to protect my ideas as well as key materials to create Cosmetics ready for launch. Furthermore a chemist to help with product formulation, manufacturing of packaging and many more. Eventually I aspire to secure an office space where all orders will be taken care of.

Your pledges will be greatly appreciated and rewards are also available on certain pledges.


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You will be added on our PR list for life meaning upon every product launch you are one of the first people to receive the products for free before it's put online and in stores for sale. If you aren't a makeup/beauty fanatic you can choose a person of your choice that you'd like me to

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