We want to raise £15000 to officially launch our LuvBud CBD drops. We need a suitable unit, more stock and equipment to move forward.

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This project will only be funded if at least £15,000 is pledged by 9:46am 28th August 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £15,000 is pledged by 9:46am 28th August 2018

We are Kirsty & Cefyn

We've spent the last year developing our special LuvBud CBD supplement drops and are on a mission to deliver an alternative to the oil based sublingual CBD/Hemp products that are on the market today. Hemp/CBD has gained attention in recent years for it's ability to help support a healthy lifestyle and we believe we have a game changer.

Unlike with most oral CBD products, we don't use critical CO2 extraction methods and we don't use oil as the carrier. Instead we use an ancient alcohol extraction, using a blend of spirits that is added to vegetable glycerin and water to create a 5% CBD solution with a full cannabinoid profile. This means that with a bottle of LuvBud CBD drops you won't get the bitterness or greasiness that you can find from many oil based CBD products, Instead your mouth is in for a treat with our GREAT TASTING solution meaning you can top up your endocannabinoid system every day without pulling a funny face :) We know we have a quality creation that people love as well as our additional hemp based products which currently include a topical balm and pulse point relaxation roller (with more hemp wellbeing products in the pipeline).


We are already members of the CTA UK (Cannabis Trades Association) but to move forward we need to expand out of our small cottage and into an industrial unit and make sure that it is fit for food manufacturing . Our tiny cottage with a galley kitchen just doesn't meet the requirements needed, not including, storage space, some additional production equipment for making larger batches, labels as well as product testing and CPD fees (Cannabis Products Directive- to insure high standards and customer safety in the UK market). 

With £15,000, we could achieve all of the above and get a positive foothold in a rapidly expanding market. The world is waking up to a hemp revolution so come join us, we'd love you to be part of the journey.


This total includes budgets for: 

•Unit rent & running costs for first 4-6 months:

There are plenty of small units available where we live in South Devon. We have been viewing some and have contacts ready for us to apply when the target total has been achieved. We have allowed for appox. 4-6 months rent and rates (depending on costs) and a small reserve in anticipation of any work that has to be done to a unit to make it food safe. 

•Production equipment and machinery (to increase output potential):

At the moment our production capacity is only a couple of litres at a time. We would like that to be in the tens of litres.  Some of our other products employ the drops as a key ingredient so creating more allows for the increased production of all products, whether existing or in the pipeline as well as the potential to have some LuvBud stockists.  

•Supplementing existing stock and packaging: 

With increased output we will need more bottles, labels, eco-friendly packaging etc, We also intend to block buy hemp and other seasonally dependant ingredients as to not get caught out by the growing cycles.

• CPD Fee's (Cannabis Product's Directive)

As part of the new regulations that will be coming in we will need to pay to register annually as a manufacturer and pay for each product to be registered and tested. 

• Marketing: 

We plan to do as much as we can to marketing LuvBud in terms of free editorial, newspaper interviews etc but ultimately it costs to push a product. We've allocated a small initial budget to target key demographics with an interest in hemp/CBD food supplements and for us to be able to consider stockists around the UK to further promote the brand and reach.

•Website Upgrade and hosting: 

Our existing website is very basic- Ultimately we would look to get our website & hosting upgraded. 

• Payment method: 

We currently use PayPal but would like to add additional payment providers.

To achieve these goals would mean that will be an official UK Manufacturer of a CBD food supplement (of which there are but a hand full in the UK). There are a few in Europe and the US who also white label their oils which are simply rebranded and sold on.  We aim to be the main non oil alternative in CBD drops and we would only use stockists as to not confuse our taste with other brands, we also don't believe in over-packaging and finally our product is positioned at an affordable price point. 

Thank you for your time and we hope you join our adventure. You can find us at

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