Luv Tickets - A free ticket reseller marketplace.

by Ben Griffin in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Luv Tickets - A free ticket reseller marketplace.
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Help us raise funds to build a free ticketing marketplace/community, as well as funds needed to help market our project.

by Ben Griffin in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

What is Luv Tickets?

To put it simply, we're a ticket reseller that believes strongly in preventing the bulls*** fee's that big ticketing companies charge for reselling your tickets. 

What are we trying to achieve?

We've created Luv Tickets so people can safely connect with people looking to buy & sell gig tickets at no extra cost. Whether your looking to buy tickets as a one-off, or your a regular gig-goer - we want to create a safe, enjoyable community for people to connect and buy/sell concert tickets. 

We aim to build a community across social channels, with a major focus also having a marketplace/community website which will act as the main point of communication between users. This website will also make it useful for people to view all ticket listings. 

The Money

In order for us to start making this happen, we need to push this idea in-front of people likely to use & benefit from it. We are making a conscious effort on our social media pages as it is, however feel investment into paid promotion (along with a bespoke marketplace style website) will really help get things off the ground. With our founder having a history in Digital Marketing as it stands, we're going to be allocating this budget into a meticulous strategy that will get more people using Luv Tickets. 

Here's a breakdown:



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Get mentioned on the site!

As part of the website build, we will be implementing a 'Backers' style page that will feature names of everybody who gave us a shot and donated money to this project! Please note - The minimum donation for this is £10.

Let's make 'Luv Tickets - A free ticket reseller marketplace.' happen