Year: 1958. Lutwidge; a play set in a mental institute for the criminally insane, loosely based on a well loved children's classic.

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For this project The Ghost Room Theatre company are aiming to amaze audiences with their newest play, written by the company's Mikayla McCarthy. Lutwidge is loosely based on a well loved children's classic, first released in 1865 and has several nods and hints honouring the inspirational source material, throughout.

  Set in 1958 in a mental hospital, Lutwidge follows Doctor Mason Hatson and his students as they observe the four most dangerous criminals of the Tove Ward at Lutwidge Institute for the Criminally Insane, under the eyes of Doctor O'Hare and her Orderly. The audience will be treated as Hatson's medical students and will be taken from room to room visiting the patients in this promenade piece, set in real time.



For Lutwidge to reach it's full potential we are hoping to hire out a venue with the right amount of rooms and availability, this means accommodating our rehearsal time closer to the date and of course the performance itself. We have a venue in mind, that Ghost Room has used before, but this is where we need your help, to hire the rooms for rehearsals and to make sure we have availability all day on our performance date.

Lutwidge being set in a hospital will also require the "patients" to wear t-shirts with the unique Lutwidge logo, designed by the company's own Jackson Longworth, and their unique patient numbers. There will also be other more specific costume details to each character that will need to be purchased and again this is where your help comes in.

There are also several props and disposables needed to make this production the best it can be, so every penny you donate will be spent wisely.



Should we reach and exceed our desired target, any extra money will go further to developing the production, and any not used will go in to The Ghost Room kitty, ready for our next production, so your money will be spent wisely.

The cast for this production is as follows:

Ron Price-Stephens as Doctor Mason Hatson

Denise Floyd as The Orderly

Kelly McCarthy as Doctor O'Hare

Mikayla McCarthy as Dinah Chester

Jackson Longworth as Dex/David Thomas

Lisa Osmond as Carroll white

Daniel Price as Timothy Hart

Written & Directed by Mikayla McCarthy



Now a little about the company. The Ghost Room is a South Wales based theatre company that aim to create a truly unique theatrical experience at every production, that involves the audience in every nail biting story. The Ghost Room Productions was founded in August 2011 by Lisa Osmond and Kathryn Jones, with the hope of creating a new theatre company, solely dedicated to bringing the audiences of South East Wales, bone chilling tales to leave you thrilled and excited all night long. Since then The Ghost Room has evolved in to a team of talented and creative members who have performed several original and unique pieces, recieving high praise and reviews, including a review from Art Share Love Wales magazine for The Dragon's Backbone in 2013 and a review from Newport City Radio for GraveHouse in 2015.



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