Lusitania Hanseatic 36 Life vessel

Lusitania Hanseatic 36 Life vessel

Lusitania is a Projected, 11 Meter long Displacement hull life vessel. Built on the hull of an Auxiliary cutter, the Hanseatic 36.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

It all started when I was twenty. I have always been interested in sustainable living ever since I first left home at sixteen and I found the more I experienced living the more I realized how much we take for granted and use more than we need to in a bid to make our lives more comfortable. I was very outgoing and adventurous as a child and it was that part of me that wanted to experience what it was like to be without all of the commodities we take for granted in this part of the world. I spent time in the armed forces when I was nineteen, and in my time training I was astonished to learn just how easy it could be living for long periods of time without all of these luxuries.

When I was Twenty years old I became homeless as a result of a domestic complication and I had to walk. Fortunately for me It was the middle of summer and I was in full time employment. With no lack of money I bought a tent and spent the best part of a month living in the woods near my work place. 

I hatched a plan to save up and buy a log cabin and a small plot of land so that I could start my quest for sustainability. But life had other plans, and a friend of mine introduced me to a man who was selling a boat. He told me that I could stay on it for a few weeks until it was sold. That evening I found my dream.... The Hanseatic 36 Hull is the most beautiful piece of naval architecture in the world to me. I had to get it before someone else did. It was so spacious and sturdy, it just felt like it was meant to be a home not just a boat. And so I did. For £1.500 I had a home, and it was mine, I owned it, it felt so weird to own the roof over my head at the age of twenty...... I had gone from being homeless to homeowner in the space of a month. 

I was fascinated to learn the history of this vessel, and it's history was ironically eventually to become my main design plan. The Hanseatic 36 Was designed off of the 18th century life vessels the sent out with fishing fleets. The idea being that there was always one vessel among them that was designed specifically and solely for survival in the harshest of seas. 

So as time has gone by new and exiting plans have become potential realities, New strugles and chalenges stand in my way.... some seeming insurmountable, and others that I complete by the day.

I will Finnish this boat come hell or high water..... okay well maybe high water, but either way. 

At this moment in time I am working towards a blank canvas so to speak. I have spent the last 2 years stopping the boat from going down hill further. Allot of wood rot and a full deck replacement later I am now starting to lay the foundations for my project. This includes filling and sealing the inner floors, fitting vents and installing insulation behind the inner skin which is also being built, sealing the rafters and installing basic electrical lines, as well as the water lines for the galley and the head.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as building a boat on minimum wage is pretty time consuming and demoralizing. 

£2 can buy a pack of stainless steel screws (which believe me are a god sent)

£10 can buy 500g of wood filler which would cover a quarter of the inner deck.

50p can buy a stainless steel jubilee clip for my water system

every penny helps and will buy an important and needed part of what will one day become a dream of mine. If you want to be a part of this project in any way just let me know and I will be so grateful