Lunch by Steven Berkoff
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by Lunch by Steven Berkoff in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Lunch explores the interaction between a man and a woman on a bench. Sounds simple… However there are many layers to the piece and underlying struggles which I think many will sympathise as well as empathise with. 

Set in a derelict seaside town amidst the socioeconomic background of the 1980’s (Lunch premiered 1983). A time of record unemployment but a change in attitude among young adults, known as the “Greed” decade, young adults began to move to the city in order to gain success. Berkoff himself was inspired by his own experience, working for one day selling space within a magazine. 

The image of a person broken from the 9 to 5 and the other longing for freedom; both jealous of the other and miserable in their current situations. I found highly relatable as a recent graduate it is not so easy finding full time employment and in a world where we share our success daily online it’s easy to feel both pangs of failure and jealousy. 

That is what made me drawn to the play as the character’s embark on a momentous journey.“It’s filled with the debris of expected performance, vanity, shallowness and sexual exploitation” Berkoff. 

Written by Ellie Lomas - Director 


Man - Phil Wintle 

Woman - Paige P Kimberly 


Stage Manager - Na-Keisha Glenn

A Lincoln & Smith Production

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