Luna's Plagiocephaly LOCband

by Dale Mason in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Luna's Plagiocephaly LOCband


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To help raise funds for a LOCband to treat plagiocephaly because this treatment is not funded by the NHS.

by Dale Mason in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

In January 2019 we had our beautiful daughter, Luna. This was an amazing and life-changing experience but we have loved every part of it. When Luna slept, she loved to sleep on one side which happened to be facing us the whole time (whether she just liked it or wanted to see us, this is unknown). Around the two month mark, we started to notice her head was flatter on the side she slept. We attempted to reposition her through the day and night and researched this and found it is normal and should clear up soon. 

When Luna was six months old we couldn't feel her soft spot so arranged to see a consultant at the local hospital. During the appointment, the consultant confirmed she had a very small soft spot and the majority of it had fused together. She advised that Luna has plagiocephaly but as this is not a medical problem and is just cosmetic, the NHS advise to just leave it and see what happens. 

We were still concerned about this and wanted to pursue our options so we went to a private clinic for another opinion. They advised there were no medical issues with the soft spot and confirmed the diagnosis of plagiocephaly but was on the severe end of the scale. This means that the base of her skull on the right-hand side has moved forward which has caused her head to not be symmetrical. If untreated this will be quite visible as an adult.  We had a long think about this and didn't want Luna to be bullied or come home one day and say "why is my head a different shape" so we asked what options we had. 

We were advised there are two options, first being we leave it and see if it naturally changes shape but this is highly likely to be unsuccessful due to the severity of the shape. The second option would be to have a helmet (LOCband) to help change the shape of the skull. Once we looked into this and read case studies, examples and saw testimonials we decided this would be the best way forward to give her the best chance to have a more natural shaped skull. 

Now here we are, trying to raise funds to help towards this treatment because the only option is private and this is obviously a higher cost, also the LOCband costs around £2000 just to manufacture and for the follow-up care because it is personally built and designed to the individual babies head.


How Does Cranial Remoulding Work?

The LOCband is non-invasive and works by applying gentle constant pressure over the areas of your baby’s skull which are most prominent while allowing unrestricted growth over the flattened areas. It is a pain-free treatment. The band consists of a soft foam layer inside a thermoplastic shell. This allows for frequent adjustments during growth and gently guides your baby’s skull into a more symmetrical shape.

Treatment is most effective in babies between 4-7 months and takes between 3-6 months to complete. Routinely babies up to the age of 14 months can be treated very successfully but treatment may take longer and results may not be as good with younger babies. It is possible to treat older babies and the LOCband has been used on babies up to 24 months which has resulted in improvement of head shape.

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