Elect Aleks Lukic as Batley and Spen's Brexit MP

Elect Aleks Lukic as Batley and Spen's Brexit MP

Raising money to support local Independent Brexit candidate Aleks Lukic for the general election, which takes place on Thursday 8th June.

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £265 with 6 supporters in 35 days

Dear Supporters,

The result of this snap election is already clear. We know that the Conservative Party are virtually certain to form the next Government, with a large majority of MPs. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party are not serious contenders.

This means our choice in Batley and Spen is over who should be our local representative in Parliament during the Brexit process.

Last year, we voted to leave the EU in massive numbers across our district. I am the only candidate in this election who fought to make Brexit happen, by jointly leading and coordinating the local cross-party leave campaign.

I am offering my full support to Theresa May's Brexit programme. This means that as our MP I will strengthen her hand in Parliament to help us achieve Brexit. I will continue to work hard for us to take back full control of our money, our lawmaking, our trade and our immigration controls.

To put more money back in your pocket, I will also fight for lower taxes. It is wrong for us to be facing 5% increases on our Council Tax bills year on year.

As a local teacher, I know how much our vital public services need further investment to support our growing population. During this Parliament we will regain control of the £9 billion membership fee that we currently send to the EU every year. The Open Europe think tank has also found untapped trade opportunities in non-EU markets which will be worth over £40 billion to our economy by 2030.

We don't need to wait for this though, we can push for action now to spend our money where it is needed. For example I want to reform foreign aid by merging it with the defence budget, scrapping the Department for International Development.

In Batley and Spen I will work to make sure we are ready for the economic opportunities of Brexit. I will fight for more school places and a fully resourced NHS with a full range of services for local people.  I will also promote integration across our communities, which is an issue that has been ignored for far too long.

My campaign to beat the Labour candidate has local backing and we have already reached thousands of voters. With your support we can put up more posters, deliver more leaflets and extend our reach online.

You can get in touch with me on my Facebook page by clicking here, on my website by clicking here, or using email at aleks@alekslukic.co.uk

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Aleks Lukic

Contributions worth more than £50 are regulated by electoral law. Where this applies, checks will be made to ensure that the donation can be accepted and your details will be included in the spending return submitted after the election. Contributions must be made from your own funds.

By contributing you agree that I may contact you using the details you supply, unless you inform me that you do not wish to be contacted.

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