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Luke Hope For Life
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A vision to change people's life's

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A vision to change people's life's

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With your help we can raise enough money to get this charity up and running, changing the lives of those who make their way to us in a positive and lasting way.  All money raised will be used to get a base for the charity to work from.


Hi, my name is Aileen Keenan and I’d like to share my vision with you about my charity, Luke Hope for Life. 

Growing up as a young child, life was not great, my Mum was an alcoholic, and with all alcoholics the need to find the next drink overrides all other normal emotions.  She hid her drinking well from my Dad, a good and honest, hardworking man.  I always found it difficult through my childhood years and I faced many challenges and hard roads, suffering from a lot of depression and never really knowing how to help myself.  At the age of 17 I left home, and it was only then that the truth came out about what life had been like at home.  I ended up pregnant, which was the one major blessing in my life, and with my son Jamie on the way, this give me something to live for.  I then went on to train as a hairdresser and got myself a job.  At home, my mum was not accepting any form of help, things had got much worse, and with my Dad unable to do anything more for her, she moved out, leaving me and Jamie able to move back home to be with him.  He was the most amazing person, and my world.  Life was good for a while, but not for long.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer cells and needed an operation, and on recovering from this, a few weeks later, my precious dad was taken from me after suffering a massive heart attack at work, at the age of 53.  I felt so alone without him.  With his passing it was then left to me to look after for my wee sister as well, or she would have ended up in care.   I suffered severe depression and was suicidal, and with the inevitable visits to the doctors and antidepressants I was spiraling out of control.  It was then that I went to visit a healer, with the problems obviously coming from my childhood, she helped me work through this and slowly got me off my medications, she gave me back my life.  With an interest now in spiritual healing I went and studied Reiki and I am now a Reiki Master myself.  The joy of being able to help someone in need cannot be measured.   I have since attended Stafford Spiritual College, gaining some amazing knowledge from the best teachers. 

In August 2014 whilst working with a client, I had a vision, one that I would build a place of healing on my daddy’s land. 

My aim is to build a Holistic Health Center with an outdoor activities park offering a range of activities like Zip Wiring, Bike Trails, Kids Play Zone, Rock Climbing, Swimming Pool, and Archery.  We could have a crafts facility offering craft therapy to clients while their children are busy with the activities.  The center will have two aspects, commercial and therapeutic.  The outdoor play areas will be commercial to help offset the cost of holistic center.  I see it having a healing zone offering a range of therapies from Reiki to Indian Head Massage, from Colour Therapy to Acupuncture.  I feel it's important to build a place that will be as inclusive as possible.  A place where people of all ages and children with a range of abilities can share magical experiences.  Somewhere where people in emotional crisis can go without fear of being labelled.  A place where parents with special needs children can come to use a Sensory Light Room, where they can take a little time out to recharge their own batteries by using some of the therapies or activities available.  A place where we can teach people the benefits of complementary therapies, healing foods and even exercise to help them mentally, physically and emotionally repair.  A place where foster kids could come for respite weekend breaks, where people with any illness or problem could go and be helped in any way possible, be it big or small.  A place to get young kids off the streets, boy racers off the roads.  My daddy was such a big inspiration in my life, so in his honour I have named the charity after him, Luke.  Luke Hope For Life is now a registered charity.  For all I have been through in my life, all the challenges and obstacles, I want to show people how natural healing can really work, show how the body can heal itself, how we can get through most of what life throws at us and think of it as a learning experience rather than pain and heartache.  How human beings can achieve so much more by unshackling negativity and embracing a mechanism of self- belief.  We can do anything we want in the life if we just believe and put our minds to it.  All money raised will go towards helping us buy land for a base for the charity, that we can get working from straight away.  As this is a new charity it’s so hard to get people to get involved and help raise funds to get off the ground.  I would be most grateful for your support in anyway. Aileen Keenan. Director Charity Registration Number: NIC102207 Tel: 07590663502 Email—  Facebook - Luke hope for life.  Web - My blog









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