Lucy's handmade reusables

by Lucy Mainwood in Brimington, England, United Kingdom

Lucy's handmade reusables


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The aim of my project is to create enough funds to start a business to sell handmade reusable products as an alternative to plastic waste.

by Lucy Mainwood in Brimington, England, United Kingdom

I am a young mother who would love to start my own business, I am very passionate about being eco friendly and going back to basics to reduce the waste that we create. With the state that the planet is in at the moment with climate emergency and pullution, it is important to look back at the past for inspiration on what we can use as an alternative to plastic. I hope that my business will grow so that I can spread my passion of zero plastic to others so that we can start to heal the planet once more. 

With the money I raise I would choose to spend it to get supplies to grow my stock of these reusable products, the materials and supplies I would get are as follows:

*Eco friendly Fabric made from 100% organic cotton/wool/bamboo/hemp. This will be used on most sewn products. 

*The thread I will need to sew my products. This would be used on most sewn products. 

*Yarn made from 100% cotton/wool/bamboo/hemp.  This would be used on most crocheted products. 

*Metal crochet hooks. These would be used for the crocheted products. 

*Service my sewing machine if needed. 

The products that I want to create to become an alternative to plastic disposable waste are as follows:

*Family cloth/toilet wipes. In replacement of toilet tissue. 

*Baby wipes. In replacement of the disposable baby wipes. 

*Kitchen roll. In replacement of the tissue kitchen roll. 

*Face scrubbies. In replacement of face wipes and cotton wool. 

*Breast pads. In replacement of disposable breast pads. 

*Menstrual pads. In replacement of sanitary pads.

*Post partum pads. In replacement of disposable post partum pads, and will be more absorbent than regular menstrual pads. 

*Beeswax wraps. In replacement of cling film. 

*Dishcloths. In replacement of disposable sponges. 

*Shower puffs. In replacement of plastic shower puffs. 

*Mop covers. In replacement of disposable mop covers and microfiber covers. 

*Baby nappies. In replacement of disposable nappies. 

I will achieve these by hand sewing, machine sewing, and crocheting. I have many years of experience using a sewing machine, and have already made many of the items above using my own patterns and ideas, so will have plenty of practice up to yet.


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