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To assist the working mother of a young ballet dancer pay the fees, needed to send her to the best Performing Arts School she can.

by Alan Gregory in Wigan, England, United Kingdom

Lucy was the principle female lead in the World's First Community Musical "Beyond Wigan Pier - The Musical" which had its premiere on Friday 27th April 2018. Take a look at her in action during our dress rehearsal:-

Hi - I am Alan Gregory. I am the composer/lyricist/producer of Beyond Wigan Pier, and CEO of Pies Pianos & pirouettes, a Community Interest Company.Hi My name is Alan Gregory, I'm also a friend to Lucy and her mum Jill.

It seems almost incongruous that in the second decade of the 21st century any young, gifted and talented person should still be in the same position I was in 1978, unable to achieve their artistic dream, because their family could not afford it!!

With all the opportunities seemingly now open to them in Higher Education; albeit at the cost of student loans, rightly or wrongly; there can be fewer barriers to working class children, achieving their artistic ambitions, than those I faced nearly 40 years ago..... can’t there?

That, it would seem, rather depends on what you want to be and where you want to go to study it .

In the picture on the left is Lucy Eccles, a dedicated, devoted and talented aspiring dancer who has been training 5 days a week, under her own discipline, since the age of 5, and at the sole expense of her mother Jill, who is pictured on the left. She has successfully applied to go to LIPA, an outstanding Performing Arts College in Liverpool, which will give her not only exceptional further training, but also the best possible opportunity for employment as a professional dancer in the particular field she wishes to specialise in. It could be argued, that the very best colleges, offering the very best opportunities for future employment, are still in London, by virtue of their proximity to The West End; but for most people in Lucy’s family’s income bracket, the cost of living in the Capital, puts it way beyond their reach... Unfortunately, student loans/grants... call them what you will... are not available for this college, as they would be for a similar, yet inferior course, (if it even exists!) for Lucy’s particular needs, at a standard University.

Why is that?

A young person dedicated to a profession, for which she has been training, voluntarily, literally, for the whole of her life, is surely more likely to “stick at it!” and repay the cost of her particular perfection, isn’t she?

Lucy is only one of hundreds if not thousands of youngsters whose families are quite a long way above the poverty line, but fall short of being able to self-fund so expensive a professional training programme, without any help.

 If you can help Lucy  achieve her goal, please donate anything you can to ensure she attains her dream, Check out our rewards in gratitude for your donations, but the biggest reward must be knowing you helped, a young girl achieve her goal...

We are proud to support Lucy as one of our most promising artists. We commit supplying all of the rewards offered - Every pledge that you make will ensure that Pies Pianor and Pirouettes can support Lucy in achieving her dream.

Thank you.......


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You Look At Me

Receive a copy of the CD of the love duet from "Beyond Wigan Pier" sung by X factor and Eurovision star Olivia Garcia and Song writer, Singer, Music Producer Scott Chapman

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T Shirt Tour En L'Air

Receive a limited edition T shirt commemorating the premiere of the world's first community musical, "Beyond Wigan Pier" in which Lucy starred. Please indicate your preferred choice of size

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See the world's first community musical "Beyond Wigan Pier" in your own home and help the dancer achieve her dream at the same time

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Three's Company

Why not get all 3 and help send Lucy to LIPA

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