Fighting Loneliness With Fitness

by Lucy Anjuna in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Fighting Loneliness With Fitness
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Female loneliness is a problem I can fix and my aim is to help women by creating a specialist fitness space to make friends and get fit.

by Lucy Anjuna in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


I'm Lucy, 36, and work as a qualified personal trainer and online fitness coach. For years I've been helping women to find their confidence through fitness and weight training. 

Some of the women I've supported have had very low confidence and self-esteem issues and over the years I've noticed what a big difference fitness and nutrition support can have on someone's overall mental wellbeing. 

Introducing women to a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition support can impact on other areas of life, giving them the courage to smash goals they never thought they would, such as applying for a new job, starting a business, being more active with their kids, making new friends, meeting a new partner, moving house or becoming a parent for the first time.

This is where my plea for funding comes in....


My dream is to become the North West's most inspiring personal trainer and help more likeminded women to feel more connected, more confident and less lonely.

In order to do this, I need a specialist facility where I can create a warm, welcoming and friendly place for women to come along and enjoy taking part in fitness activities as well as connecting with other likeminded people. 


The funding will go towards fixtures, fittings and other overheads of setting up. 

In return, I promise to help as many other likeminded women to live healthier, happier, more connected lives, as well as encouraging and empowering them to achieve their own goals. 

In particular, I want to help women who are:

• Struggling with self-esteem and confidence 

• Feeling isolated or struggling to make friends

• Looking to become self-employed and take charge of their own earnings as a personal trainer

Many of the women I've worked with previously have, for a variety of reasons, struggled with challenging issues, such as eating disorders and social anxiety.

Not only have I been privileged to play a part in helping them to live a healthier life, I've also seen their self-belief grow.

I'd love to be able to create a small, welcoming, female-friendly fitness studio, where likeminded women can come to access fitness facilities and healthy eating advice, at the same time as making new friends or simply just spending an hour or two around others and not feeling alone.


For the last 4 years I've worked in gyms as a part-time personal trainer, where I've come into contact with a variety of women, many of them new mums, whose lives have changed by being able to have contact with me as their coach. 

Sadly, I meet more and more women who, for a variety of reasons, tell me how lonely they are or what little self-belief they have. 

My 1-on-1 coaching has enabled and encouraged women to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, which in turn has had a major knock-on effect on their ability to make new friends, try new foods, perform new exercise and live a generally all-round healthier and happier life

Working in other people's gyms has its good points...but it's not flexible enough for me and limits the number of women who can benefit from my support as their coach and mentor. Not all of my potential clients want to come to a really busy gym where there is nowhere private to chat.


After doing some background research, it turns out that loneliness amongst women is a big issue in the UK, especially amongst new mums. The British Red Cross and the Co-op recently did a study on new mums which revealed over 80% of those under 30 feel lonely some of the time, while over 40% are lonely often or always.

I've spoken to mums personally who have told me their main anxieties post-birth are to do with body image and loneliness, with many of them not feeling confident enough to walk into a gym or fitness facility. There's now more evidence to suggest that those who join a group class or take part in exercise with a PT, are feeling less lonely.


I will also be a mummy for the first time this year, which is why this is extra special and more important than ever that I get the backing I need to make this project a success.

In all honesty, when I found out I was pregnant, I nearly gave up on my dream through fear of not being able to make it work.

However, I look around me and I see so many other amazing women and mothers who are getting ahead in business...and this fills me with hope!

I'm scared, anxious, excited and hopeful for what my venture could become, and I am truly grateful for every single one of you who has read my story and chosen to support me. It means more than you could ever know.


Lucy x

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