Lucy's dream is to be selected as Equestrian Athlete at the next Special Olympics Summer World Games 2019

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Project aim

Lucy's aim is to be selected as Equestrian Athlete at the next Special Olyimpic Summer World Games 2019

About the project


                     Lucy has always found solace in animals, especially her horses. All of her life, whilst coping with her diagnosis of being Intellectually Disabled and all that entails Lucy has used her relationship with animals as a coping mechanism for the anxiety and feelings of stress that she experiences when trying to comprehend day to day living and tasks such as purchasing things in shops.

Up until November 2014 Lucy was competing regularly on her own horse Finnigan at British Dressage Competitions, coming home regularly with Red rosettes and gaining a place at the PET PLAN Nationall Championships in 2010. Despite her educational difficulties she managed to complete her test from memory for the first time ever.

In 2013 Lucy joined the Special Olympic St Albans group and Oaklands RDA. In July 2014 Lucy competed at the RDA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and gained 3rd place in the Dressage Free Style to Music with an impressive 70%.

However this all came to a standstill with the unexpected suicide of her father in the November.

Lucy and her mother Alison, her full time carer, were wholly dependent on Lucy's father financially and when he died without a will in place there were devastating consequences for Lucy.

Life as Lucy knew it stopped with no prospects for the future. As the months have passed life for Lucy and her horses became more difficult, and she has largely been dependant on the kindness of others. Lucy internalised her fears and anxiety regarding the loss of her father and her worries about the future of her horses and went into an almost complete shut down. The only thing she did in her day for the subsequent months was make sure her horses were fed and watered. Riding came to a standstill and competitions were forgotten.

                          Then in March 2015 Lucy was persuaded by her mother to go and watch a training session with The Special Olympic Riders at the Oaklands College Campus in St Albans.Things gradually improved with Lucy going along to the training sessions and riding the SOSA/RDA horses.Funding for these sessions was found by her mother by giving up everything barr payment for the sessions and fuel for the car to get them there !!!

With the help of all at OAKLANDS RDA and SOSA Lucy has achieved amazing results since March 2015, becoming a GOLD MEDALIST at the Regional Special Olympics in April 2015, proudly accepting her medal from The Mayor of St Albans. This was followed by her winning the Regional RDA Dressage Competion in May 2015 with 74% which culminated in her competing at THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in July 2015,coming 3rd in the Music Freestyle with 69.7% !!

                         To be able to continue on her journey and reach her ultimate dream of taking part as an Equestrian Athelete in the SPECIAL OLYMPIC WORLD GAMES in 2019 means that, as we are now without any money, we need to find ways of funding Lucy, her horses and training for her dream, and the only likely pathway she has to self sufficiency as an adult.


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