Lucky 8 Clothing for childrens cancer

Lucky 8 Clothing for childrens cancer

We are aiming to raise funds for children with Cancer.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are hoping to raise £10,000 plus to supply every child in the UK who has cancer with a FREE Beanie hat.

After observing my neice who is 18years old with cancer, her biggest fear was loosing her hair.  Although there are many solutions and help for this, they tend to be a bit old fashioned in the eyes of a young teen.

We had the idea of giving boys and girls a fashionable beanie hat as an alternative, the staff can offer them a choice and they can pick one and keep it for FREE.

We think this small gift will go a long way on helping them on their long journey of dealing with cancer and letting them slip back into society like they had before,  they were diagnosed.