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On 9th November 2016 we successfully raised £3,010 with 48 supporters in 21 days

Aiming to raise funds for a short psychological horror/thriller to be made by a group of talented and dedicated Midlands based filmmakers.

by Oli Braybrook in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our target!! Any additional funds we raise will allow the team to go further, rent better equipment and impove the over quality of the film.

Why Lucidity?

Lucidity is a psychological horror/thriller which incorporates “Lucid dreaming”, the ability to acknowledge that one is in a dream and control varying aspects of said dream.

Daniel is an office worker, whose quality of life is much poorer than it should be. On top of this, a repetitive nightmare which he can’t escape plagues his sleep. One night, he finally realizes he is dreaming, a catalyst which ignites a purpose in him. While improving his life, his nightmares continue, only now he can manipulate and explore the nightmare while trying to find out why his mind is putting him through this. The question is, will Daniel find the answers he is looking for, or will his nightmares haunt him forever more.

Who’s behind Lucidity?

Oli Braybrook (Writer, Director)

Oli Braybrook was born in Gillingham, Kent but spent nearly 20 years living abroad, before returning to the UK in 2015 to follow his film passion. In that short time, he has written, directed and produced a number of short films including The Killing, The Keys to it All One Life: Film making which have been shown publicly to favourable reviews in the Midlands area and have received a number of film festival nominations both in the UK and in Europe. In addition, he has worked on numerous short films with other midlands based filmmakers, including a role producing Coalescent Film's upcoming T.V pilot Print. You can find some of his work through Braybrook Films.

Abbey Jazmine Plumb (Producer)

Abbey Jazmine Plumb was born in Nottingham and has lived, worked and studied there ever since. She started her creative journey as a musician and studied Music Technology, which inspired her shift into TV and Film where she has since completed an FdSc and BA in the subject. Whilst studying, Abbey developed a passion for production and worked on M is for Marionette (2013) and Lab Rats (2015), both of which have made appearances at Mayhem Film Festival. She has gone on to produce a variety of work from live events through to charity campaigns and was a production assistant on I Believe in Miracles (2015) and Wash Club (2016). Whilst working in the film industry abbey is also a creative practice researcher and works in the games industry

Will J. Carman (Cinematographer)

Will J. Carman discovered his passion for film production and cinematography through parkour / free running in 2007, which has had a huge impact on his visual style. He began making short videos of the antics him and his friends got up to and carried a camera with him everywhere he went. Since then, Will has gone on to shoot, as well as edit, many music videos, documentaries and award-winning short films, each one developing his style of imagery even further. Will loves to bring strong visuals to a project and he is always interested in new opportunities.


Danny Clarke 

Danny Clarke most recently played the lead in Matt Hartley’s 65 miles, with Inspire Academy, based in the heart of Nottingham. He is also co-founder and performer of ‘Bread and Roses Theatre Collective’, a theatre company quickly gaining recognition as a political ‘Agit-prop’ style group, and with them, has performed at many festivals and venues in and around the Midlands such as; Hockley hustleNeat festival and for various community led projects.

Danny has also been involved with many local, and international films in the past ten years, including Nottingham’s best fictional film winner, Shelter, directed by Tom Barnett and Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott.

In 2011, Danny won best actor for Inspire Academy’s The Crucible, playing John Proctor. In 2015, he was awarded the BA(hones) for theatre arts.

Katie Richmond-Ward

Katie Richmond-Ward is a tv, film and stage actor from the midlands. After training at Nottingham Trent she gained a BA Hons in theatre arts. She then moved quickly into acting. Katie's credits span many well-known shows, including BBC Doctors, Hollyoaks, Jaime Johnson and By Any Means. Katie is an accomplished stage actress too and appeared in Rock of Ages this year. She is an experienced horse rider and she has stage and screen combat experience.  You can find Katie on IMDb, spotlight and online at www.katiewardactor.co.uk

Emmeline Kellie

Emmeline Kellie has been acting all her life. She grew up just north of London where she attended the Valle Academy of Performing arts for several years. She now trains every week at The Actors Workshop Nottingham.

Emmeline has a quirky look and a very naturalistic style of acting. She's had lead and supporting roles in over forty short films including ODA-173 which was screened across the Summer Nights Film Festival 2016, and Cadence which is a short film being released as part of a major national road safety campaign on 25th November 2016. She has also had a few feature film credits including Nottingham produced Heart of Chaos in which she plays Victoria Summers- one of the lead roles. You can find out more about Emmeline at www.emmelinekellie.com

Tom Brumpton

Born & raised in Lincoln, Tom began acting at the age of eight; appearing in school plays, adapted short sketches and working with local drama clubs before later graduating with a BTEC in Performance Arts from Lincoln College. Since entering the industry professionally, Tom has worked on a variety of productions, including working with the History Channel, Channel 4 and Warp Films. In 2014 he appeared in “Robot Overlords”, alongside Gillian Anderson and Sir Ben Kingsley. His most recent work includes the short films The Samaritan (2015), HellFire (2016), Tomorrow (2016), which has received multiple awards, and Nurture of the Beast (2016), which has been picked up by a number of international film festivals around the world, and was nominated for the Jury Selection Prize at the Horror Art Online Film Festival in Pamplona. You can check Tom’s showreel here

What is the money going towards?

In anyone’s eyes, £3000 is a lot of money. It might not be the biggest budget for a short film that the world has seen, but it will be one of the mightiest.

After seeing the reaction to the story from the cast and crew that have agreed to be on board, the film’s writer and director, Oli Braybrook, made the decision to fund a percentage of the film out of his own pocket, such is the confidence in the team we have on board.

The main reason for raising a budget of this size is because some of the scenes require a very specific set build in order to be pulled off successfully. On top of this, your money will also cover SFX, Lighting, Locations, Wardrobe and covering the expenses for our wonderful cast and crew. Each member of the cast and crew are on board for no payment, but purely for their passion towards this project, so we pledge to make sure they are very well looked after at all times. All of this coming together will allow us to do so much more and make our budget pack a punch!


Not only do we want to look after our cast and crew, but we also want to look after our most important member of the team, you! Regardless of how much you are able to contribute, we have a range of rewards which will forever etch you into the story of Lucidity. From £5, you will personally be thanked on our social media platforms. Other rewards include:

  • Private early access links to the completed film
  • A "Special thanks" credit on the film
  • Access to exclusive updates on the film
  • DVD copies of the film including additional content 
  • Signed copies of scripts from cast and crew members
  • Copies of the storyboards
  • Opportunity to be the make-up departments guinea pig
  • Invitation to join the cast and crew on one shooting day
  • Receive a prop from the set
  • And more!

If you wish to talk to us about other rewards we may offer, please contact us at lucidityfilm2016@gmail.com


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

We will spread the word thanking you personally for your support on our social media sites.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Not only will you get a personal thank you from the team on our social media sites, we will also send you a private link to the film on completion

£15 or more

£15 Reward

Get your name on the credits with this reward, along with a personal thanks and a private link to the completed film.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

Want exclusive updates on the progress of the film? This is your pledge. Includes rewards from the £15 pledge.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

This pledge will get you a DVD of the finished film, which will contain exclusive content. All rewards from £25 included.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Fancy a read through the script? You will receive a copy of the script, signed by a member of the cast or crew with a personal message. All rewards from £50 included

£150 or more

0 of 1 claimed

£150 Reward

Become our Guinea pig! You will have the chance to be a test subject for our Make-up department for a key scene. You will also be invited to the set on the day of said scene. All rewards from £100 included Travel expenses at own cost

£175 or more

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£175 Reward

Be a star! You will be invited to be an extra on location. Includes all rewards from £100. Travel expenses at own cost

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

Get a signed copy of the storyboards for the film, signed by our Director of Photography with a personal message. Includes all rewards from £100

£225 or more

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£225 Reward

Come see it all happen! You will be invited to join us on set and observe our team in action. Includes all rewards from £100 Travel expenses at own cost

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

Take home an exclusive prop that will be featured throughout the film. We will also invite you to the set to see the team in action Includes all rewards from £100. Travel expenses at own cost. Prop must be collected on the day of shooting.

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